COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

2005 Scholarship and Awards Ceremony

April 21, 2005, Neill Hall Hacker Lounge

The department was pleased to honor its many outstanding students with scholarships and awards at the annual Scholarship and Awards Ceremony. Scholarships and awards are made possible by the generosity of our donors, which is deeply appreciated. Immediately following the awards ceremony, an Ice Cream Social was held in the foyer of Neill Hall for all math students and their families. Photos from the Ice Cream Social are also on this page. You may click on any photo to view a larger image of that same photo. For a more complete description of each scholarship, please visit the department scholarship page.

Konstantin Stakhovich and Judith McDonald
Konstantin Stakhovich received the Bell Freshman Mathematics Scholarship, presented by Judi McDonald.
Konstantin had a 4.0 grade average in his first semester at WSU and is a WSU Silver Regents Scholar. He was born in the Ukraine, and has lived in the United States for about ten years. He is currently a member of the men's volleyball club.
Michael Harbour and Jave Pascual
Michael Harbour received the Knebelman Memorial Scholarship, presented by Jave Pascual.
Michael is from Olympia, Washington and graduated top of his high school class. He is the recipient of several college scholarships which include the WSU Achievement Award and the Capital High School Foundation Scholarship. He has been on the President's Honor Roll consistently since coming to WSU. Michael has various interests. He has participated in research sponsored by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, is an avid golfer, has coached youth basketball teams, and volunteers for math teachers' at Pullman's Lincoln Middle School. Michael recently certified as a math major in the actuarial science option.
Jeremy Stalberger and David Watkins
Jeremy Stalberger received the J. Russell and Mildred H. Vatnsdal Memorial Scholarship, presented by David Watkins.
Jeremy is from Walla Walla, Washington and will graduate with a degree in actuarial science. He has been the recipient of many awards, some of which include: Boeing Scholar 2004, National Society of Collegiate Scholars 2003, President's Honor Roll 2002, Washington State Scholar 2002, and Distinguished Regents Scholar 2001. Jeremy is currently pursuing a research project with V.S. Manoranjan, associate dean of the College of Sciences. He is co-founder of, which specializes in backing up critical business data. This scholarship recognizes Jeremy as the outstanding junior in mathematics.
Jon Lamoureux and Kimberly Vincent
Jon Lamoureux received the Knebelman Outstanding Senior Award, presented by Kimberly Vincent.
Jon is a WSU Honor's student from Spokane, Washington who is passionate about helping others. He taught Math 103, grades papers, tutors in Neill 120 (often without pay) and has organized study groups for classmates in several classes. He was a peer leader for the Freshman Seminar and Teniwe Project this year. In his senior year he changed his major to theoretical mathematics. He plans to pursue a Ph.D. in theoretical geometry which will allow him to share his love and enthusiasm of math with future students.
Patrick Valeri received a William and Mary Lynn Graber Endowment Fund Scholarship (a photo of Patrick is unavailable).
Patrick, a sophmore, plans to earn a B.S. in secondary teaching and a master's degree before he beginning a career as a high school math teacher. He has been on the President's Honor Roll since his acceptance to WSU. He is a Crimson Regents Scholar and has been awarded the following scholarships: Glenn Terrell Presidential Scholarship (twice), Dale Wilson Scholarship, and Rearson FFA Scholarship. He volunteers time in various Christian organizations and holds leadership roles in several groups. Last summer he worked full time at Lake Tahoe for ten weeks and in August, seventy hours a week on a neighbor's farm.
David Koslicki and Bill Webb
David Koslicki also received a William and Mary Lynn Graber Endowment Fund Scholarship, presented by William Webb.
This is David's first year at WSU. He transferred from Skagit Valley College where he maintained a 4.0 grade average. He is interested in theoretical math and hopes to pursue a Ph.D. He was recently selected to participate in the Mathematics Advanced Study Semester at Penn State University. This program brings together a small number of outstanding mathematics students from all over the country for an intensive semester of mathematics in several areas including interdisciplinary work and research projects.
Alan Finnie and Duane DeTemple
Alan Finnie received a William and Mary Lynn Graber Endowment Fund Scholarship, presented by Duane DeTemple.
After graduating as valedictorian from Mililani High School on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, Alan came to WSU in the fall of 2002 with a scholarhship from the U.S. Army Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC). Alan is certified in the Department of Mathematics where he is following the theoretical option. Alan is active in ROTC and intends to make a career in the U.S. Army.
Julie Solbrack received a Marianne Hawley Fessler Outstanding Undergraduate Student Scholarship (a photo of Julie is unavailable).
Julie is an outstanding sophomore student, maintaining a 3.93 GPA. She is a Distinguished Regents Scholar and President's Scholar. In addition, she is active in the Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship and performs with the University Singers choir.
Daniel Forsman and Alex Khapalov
Daniel Forsman received a Marianne Hawley Fessler Outstanding Undergraduate Student Scholarship, presented by Alex Khapalov.
Daniel is from Montesano, Washington. He has a 3.88 grade point average and has been on the President's Honor Roll since the fall of 2003. Daniel received a WSU Distinguished Regents Scholar Award and a WSU Honors College Award. He is a WSU Mortar Board Outstanding Freshman Scholar.
Katherine Swanson received a Marianne Hawley Fessler Outstanding Undergraduate Student Scholarship (a photo of Katherine is unavailable).
Katherine is from Spokane, Washington pursuing a double major in mathematics (operations research option) and Spanish. She was valedictorian of her high school class and a Regents Scholar. Katherine plans to earn her bachelor's and master's degrees before teaching high school in an inner city where she will be working with an at-risk population. Her desire is "to see minority students realize their potential and go on to study in a further education environment." She is currently taking the department's transition course to higher mathematics and will start upper-division courses next fall.
Ryan Reisert and Matt Hudelson
Ryan Reisert received a Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Endowment Fund Scholarship, presented by Matt Hudelson.
Ryan is completing his first year at WSU and intends to major in mathematics under the secondary education option. During his first semester at WSU, he earned a perfect 4.0 GPA, continuing a record of excellence from Rogers High School in Spokane, where he graduated with a 3.95 cumulative GPA. At Rogers, he participated in numerous activities, including student government, orchestra, and clearly one of his passions - sports. Ryan's athletic achievements included four years on the varsity wrestling and soccer teams, ending up as captain of both teams and culminating in being honored twice for All-State wrestling academics. His future goals include a master's degree, and returning to Rogers High School to teach calculus and coach wrestling.
Elaina Smith and Sandy Cooper
Elaina Smith received a Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Endowment Fund Scholarship, presented by Sandy Cooper.
Elaina is from Olympia, Washington and plans to earn a bachelor and master's degree before embarking on a career as a high school math teacher. She came to WSU as a Crimson Regents Scholar, was valedictorian of her high school class, and received the AAUW Award of Achievement in Mathematics. She has a strong background in mathematics and, as a first-year student, is taking the department's transition course to higher mathematics. As a sophomre, she will be ready to take upper division mathematics courses.
Emilee Herrean and Eric Remaley
Emilee Herrean received a Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Endowment Fund Scholarship, presented by Eric Remaley.
Emilee is a WSU freshman who was previously an honors student at Rogers High School in Spokane, Washington. She is an accomplished gymnast who in her senior year of high school, was the second-team all-GSL (Greater Spokane League) in two different gymnastics events. She continues to be involved with gymnastics at WSU. As a freshman, she has received five different academic scholarships and three grants. Last fall she made the President's Honor Roll. Emilee plans to teach high school math, while continuing her own education toward a master's or doctoral degree.
Jong Sam Jeon and Judith McDonald
Jong Sam Jeon received a Sidney G. and Evelyn Hacker Scholarship for Graduates, presented by Judi McDonald.
Jong Sam Jeon finished a master's degree in Korea before coming to WSU. His master's thesis on ray patterns of matrices has just been accepted for publication in, "Linear Algebra and Its Applications." In his first semester here, Jong Sam received straight A's in his course work and proved a couple of new theorems. He went on to pass the doctoral qualifying exams this January and is an excellent Ph.D candidate.
Kent Griffin and Michael Tsatsomeros
Kent Griffin received a Sidney G. and Evelyn Hacker Scholarship for Graduates, presented by Michael Tsatsomeros.
Kent holds a bachelor of science degree from Utah State University in electrical engineering and mathematics. He has extensive experience as a software engineer and developer with Microsoft, among other companies. He holds six U.S. patents in graphics rendering systems. He is pursuing a Ph.D in mathematics with a specialization in numerical linear algebra.
Alvarado Francisco and David Wollkind
Francisco Alvarado received a Sidney G. and Evelyn Hacker Scholarship for Graduates.
Francisco is from Guadalajara, Mexico, and is working on a Ph.D. in applied mathematics. Francisco has proven to be an exemplary student, teaching assistant, and research collaborator since his arrival at WSU. This summer he will defend his Ph.D. dissertation altd, "A Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Rhombic Optical Pattern Formation in an Atomic Sodium Vapor Ring Cavity." The scholarship was presented to him by his thesis advisor, Professor David J. Wollkind.
DeAnne Lamkin and Sandy Cooper
DeAnne Lamkin received a Sidney G. and Evelyn Hacker Scholarship for Graduates, presented by Sandy Cooper.
DeAnne is from Woodland, Washington and is working on her Ph.D. in secondary mathematics education. She has just completed her doctoral qualifying exams. She is currently instructing Math 107 and will be teaching Math 201 this summer. DeAnne has outstanding analytical skills and has been an outstanding teaching assistant and grader. As an undergraduate student, DeAnne was awarded a Sidney G. Hacker Undergraduate Scholarship and the Knebelman Outstanding Senior Award.
David Wollkind and Robert Mifflin
Professor David Wollkind received an Outstanding Research Award for Faculty, presented by Robert Mifflin.
Professor Wollkind received his Ph.D. at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1968 and after a postdoctoral position came to WSU. He has written many high quality publications on mathematical models for phenomena in natural and engineering sciences. A recurring theme in his work is the appearance of patterns. His recent work is on patterns occurring in nature from chemical reaction-diffusion systems, on structural phase separation instabilities in thin liquid films and on nanoscale ion beam etching on solid surfaces. David Wollkind's research has been supported by the National Science Foundation and by the Office of Naval Research. His recent Ph.D. graduates' include Dean Edmeade and Adoon Pansuwan. He is currently advising Francisco Alvarado, who received a Sidney G. and Evelyn Hacker Scholarship for Graduate Students this year. Wollkind is beginning new research on fungal fermutation processes and on pattern formation of vegetation in arid environments.
Hong-Ming Yin and Robert Mifflin
Associate Professor Hong-Ming Yin received an Outstanding Research Award for Faculty, presented by Robert Mifflin.
Hong-Ming is a graduate of WSU who received this Ph.D. under the supervision of John Cannon in 1988. His research is on global solvability of Maxwell's equations in electromagnetic fields. He has numerous publications in international journals on this subject and serves as an Associate Editor for two such journals. Yin has recently been supported by a National Science Foundation grant for the Investigation of Nonlinear Problems in Electromagnetic Fields and by a U.S. Army Research Center grant for Advanced Microwave Sterilization Technology. Yin advised Takashi Sasaki who graduated with a Ph.D. from the department last year. Yin's future work includes writing a book altd, "Maxwell's Equations in Electromagnetic Fields," and he will soon begin new research on the Mathematics of Finance.