COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

2014 Scholarship and Awards Ceremony

Thursday, May 1, 2014, 3:30pm, Neill Hall Hacker Lounge

The department was pleased to honor its many outstanding students with scholarships and awards at the annual Scholarship and Awards Ceremony. A reception with refreshments followed. Scholarships and awards are made possible by the generosity of our donors, which is deeply appreciated. For a more complete description of each scholarship, please visit the department scholarship page.

Ames Family Scholarship in Mathematics

Recipient: Mats Johnson

Ames Family Scholarship in Mathematics

Recipient: Kayla Leinweber

Kayla Leinweber and Kimberly Vincent
Kayla Leinweber with presenter Kimberly Vincent, above.

William and Mary Lynn Graber Scholarship

Recipient: Kyndra (Sengthian) Sisayaket

Kyndra (Sengthian) Sisayaket and Kimberly Vincent
Kyndra (Sengthian) Sisayaket with presenter Kimberly Vincent, above.

William and Mary Lynn Graber Scholarship

Recipient: Katie Hayward

Katie Hayward and Krishna Jandhyala
Katie Hayward with presenter Krishna Jandhyala, above.

Knebelman Memorial Scholarship

Recipient: Kiah Rose

Kiah Rose and Michael Kallaher
Kiah Rose with presenter Michael Kallaher, above.

Knebelman Outstanding Senior Award

Recipient: Li-Ying Chen

Li-Ying Chen
Li-Ying Chen with presenter Kevin Cooper, above.

Tom and Tarry Eastep Scholarship

Recipient: Michael Imboden

Michael Imboden and Xueying (Snow) Wang
Michael Imboden with presenter Xueying (Snow) Wang, above.

Bell Freshman Scholarship

Recipient: Laura Hester

Laura Hester and Sergey Lapin
Laura Hester with presenter Sergey Lapin, above.

Charles "Chuck" Millham Scholarship in Mathematics

Recipient: Philip Behrend

Sergey Lapin displays Philip Behrend's award Sergey Lapin displays Philip Behrend's award, above.

J. Russell Vatnsdal Memorial Scholarship

Recipient: Brianne Hart

Brianne Hart and Xueying (Snow) Wang.
Brianne Hart with presenter Xueying (Snow) Wang, above.

Julie Kerr Scholarship in Mathematics

Recipient: Megan Nelson

Megan Nelson and Sandy Cooper
Megan Nelson with presenter Sandy Cooper, above.

Nancy J. Robertson Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Mathematics

Recipient: Patrick Torres

Patrick Torres and Michael Tsatsomeros
Patrick Torres with presenter Michael Tsatsomeros, above.

Paul and Marjorie Clement Memorial Mathematics Scholarship

Recipient: Sarah Peterson

Sarah Peterson and David Allen
Sarah Peterson with presenter David Allen, above.

Robert and Nancy Strong Scholarship in Mathematics

Recipient: Gabriel Anderson

Gabriel Anderson and Tom Asaki
Gabriel Anderson with presenter Tom Asaki, above.

Sidney J. Hacker Memorial Mathematics Scholarship for Graduate Teaching

Recipient: Camerson Sweet

Cameron Sweet and Dean Johnson
Cameron Sweet with presenter Dean Johnson, above.

Richard and Bonnie Windwenwerder Scholarship in Mathematics

Recipient: Godfry Gresenguet

Godfrey Gresenguet and Jave Pascual
Godfry Gresenguet with presenter Jave Pascual, above.