Pre-ToM banner designed by Catherine Lindner

Welcome to PreToM

Pre-service Teachers of Mathematics at Washington State University

Purpose, Aim, and Function

The PreToM Club is a student organization for those with an interest in teaching mathematics. Everyone is welcome!! The purpose of the club is to give WSU students who are studying or have studied math education an opportunity to use and improve their teaching and mathematics skills and to learn more about advancements and opportunities in the fields of mathematics education.

Meeting Information

  • The club meets every Tuesday from 3pm to 4pm in Cleveland 234.
PreToM Club Officers
  • President: Hannah Holman
  • Secretary: Sean Swalling
  • Treasurer: Fallon Lytwyn
  • RSO Advisor: Dr. Kimberly Vincent
(For Zoom meeting information please contact one of the above officers.)

PreToM is a Student Affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

In October 2015 the WSU Pre-service Teachers of Mathematics (PreToM) became an official Student Affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). PreToM was nominated for this by the Washington State Math Council. As an official Student Affiliate of NCTM, PreToM has opportunities for grants, math tasks for use in MathCircles, connections with other service teachers, and its members have the ability to gain experience as teacher leaders.

WSU student ambassador to the NCTM, Victoria Bay, and advisor Dr. Kimberly Vincent completed the application. A presentation of the charter will be made during the NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Francisco in April 2016.