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Some math and physics professors are going to get PIE-in-the-face!


Thursday and Friday, March 13th and 14th


Check back often for more details

The Math Club and Physics Club have joined forces to bring you "Pie-A-Professor!" Each club is asking for faculty in their department to volunteer to be PIED with a fresh whipped-cream pie on March 13 or 14 (Pi Day). The time and place may be of their choosing, but we strongly encourage them to be PIED during a class lecture!

Participating Professors

Mathematics Department

Physics Department

Sandy Cooper Nick Cerruti
Jan Dasgupta Fred Gittes
Dean Johnson Michael Deaton
Sergey Lapin Narendra Parmar
Rachael Lund
Mindy Morgan

The Competition

The Math Club and Physics Club will be competing to see which club collects the most in donations for the event. The club receiving the most donations wins, and ALL of their volunteering professors will be PIED. Only HALF of the losing department's professors (selected at random) will be PIED.

Your Help is Needed

Tables will be set up in the CUB, outside of classes, and maybe even in the Math Learning Center (MLC) the week before the event. Students and anyone else interested in this event are welcome to donate money. The collected donations will be split 50/50 between the clubs for future activities. Do your part and get some math professors PIED!

What is a PIE-in-the-face?

26 Ways to Perfectly PIE Someone in the Face
Read about pieing on Wikipedia

(Sponsored by the WSU Math Club and WSU Physics Club)


Next week is pie@wsu

Be there or be Square!

Math or Physics?

Who will PIE the most professors? Will it be the Math Club or the Physics Club?
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