--> WSU Math Club Constitution

College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Mathematics

Article V. Officers

  1. The Officers of the Math Club are as follows:
    1. President
      The President shall preside over and plan meetings, work with the faculty advisor(s) and officers to plan all programs, meetings, and activities. The President is also entrusted with the duties of empty officer positions; this duty may be delegated to the Vice-President. The President will conduct any official business during meetings.
    2. Vice-President
      The Vice-President will work with the President to plan programs, meetings, and activities. Should the President be removed from office, the Vice-President will assume the role of the President until such a time as an election may be held. Should the President be unable to attend a meeting or wish to participate in official business during a meeting, the Vice-President will conduct the meeting.
    3. Secretary
      The Secretary will keep a written record of any official business conducted during any meeting, as well as make note of what activities took place at each meeting. Should the Secretary be unable to attend any specific meeting, they will delegate this task to a member of their choosing. Should the President and Vice-President be removed from office, the Secretary will assume the role of the President until such a time as an election may be held.
    4. Treasurer
      The Treasurer will collect any membership dues, deposit dues and other income in the Math Club FS&A account at the CUB (FS&A account), and keep a current record of club funds. The Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining a list of current members. Should the President, Vice-President, and secretary be removed from office, the Treasurer will assume the role of the President until such a time as an election may be held.
    5. Webmaster
      The Webmaster will be responsible for updating and maintaining the official Math Club Website. The Webmaster will also be responsible for maintaining any mailing lists used by the Math Club. The Webmaster will be in charge of Math Club outreach programs, such as creating posters or bulletins about Math Club. Should the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer be removed from office, the Webmaster will assume the role of the President until such a time as an election may be held.
    6. Chairman Pro Tempore
      Should the Math Club need to conduct official business during a regularly scheduled meeting where a quorum is present but neither the President nor Vice-President are present, the assembly may choose to elect a Chairman Pro Tempore by the usual election method. This Chairman Pro Tempore acts as the president for the duration of one meeting. Additionally, should the President be present but unable or unwilling to conduct the meeting, and the Vice-President as well, the President may choose any member to be Chairman Pro Tempore without an election.
  2. Election of Officers
    The election shall take place at the final meeting of the Math Club of each academic year on or before April 15th. Members who wish to run for office must either attend this meeting, or anounce their intent to an officer so their name may be added to the ballot. Only members of the Math Club are eligible to run. No person may hold more than one office, but they may run for multiple offices if they so wish. At the meeting, a list of those running for each position is composed. All members who are running for any position are entitled to speak to the assembly before voting occurs. Positions are voted on in the order they are listed above. All candidates must leave the room before the corresponding position is voted on, so that they cannot see who voted for whom, but they may declare their own votes first if they desire. Members must be present in order to vote. The current president does not get a vote. Voting is done by an approval system; that is, each member may vote for or against each candidate, and total approvals are counted. Should a tie occur, a runoff vote is held between the remaining candidates, using an approval voting system. Should another tie occur, but between fewer candidates than previously, another runoff is held, etc. Should a tie be reached between all candidates in a runoff, the current President decides the winner. Once a winner is decided candidates re-enter the room and the winner is announced. Voting then continues to the next position. Should not all positions be filled or the elections not be conducted constitutionally, an election is held at the second meeting of the following academic year.
  3. Terms
    Officers shall take office on April 30th, or immediately proceeding their election, whichever is latest, and will serve until the following April 30th. Officers may not serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.
  4. Qualifications
    Officers must meet the following criteria:
    1. Officers must be current members of the WSU Math Club.
    2. Officers must not be on academic or University probation at any time during their term in office.
    3. Officers must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  5. Removal
    Should an officer fail to perform their their duties as outlined in the constitution, they may be removed from office by a two-thirds majority vote at any regularly scheduled meeting. Should an officer fail to meet the criteria in Article V-D, they will be removed from office immediately. An election will be held to replace any removed officer at the next scheduled Math Club meeting.