COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Jessica Dickson

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Mathematics here at Washington State University. I research templates, overlays, and Riordan arrays under my advisor, Dr. Matt Hudelson. Expected graduation May 2023.
Current Courses & Office Hours
Spring 2023
Math 301: Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
Class: MWF 1:10pm - 2:00pm, Wegner Hall G001
Office hours: MF 2:10pm -3:30pm, in MLC.

WSU Combinatorics, Linear Algebra and Number Theory Seminar Talks
  • Previous
  • 10/31/2022     Riordan Arrays: From infinite A-sequences to finite Templates
  • 3/28/2022     The Overlays of Riordan Arrays
  • 10/25/2021     Experiencing the Graduate Research Workshop in Combinatorics (GRWC)
  • 3/29/2021       The Production Matrix of a Riordan Array
  • 10/12/2020     Dots-and-Polygons (Joint presentation with Rachel Perrier)
  • 3/23/2020       The A- to Z-series of Riordan Arrays
  • 11/18/2019     From A to G: Arithmetic into Geometric Progressions thorugh Riordan Arrays
  • 4/22/2019       The Riordan Group: A Journey from A- to Z-Series

  • Past Courses Taught
    Washington State University
  • MATH 301     Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
  • MATH 220     Introductory Linear Algebra
  • MATH 216     Discrete Structures
  • MATH 202     Calculus for Business and Economics
  • MATH 201     Mathematics for Business and Economics
  • MATH 172L   Calculus 2 Lab
  • MATH 171L   Calculus 1 Lab
  • MATH 108     Trigonometry
  • MATH 103     Algebra Methods and Introduction to Functions
  • Central Texas College, Joint Base Lewis-McChord
  • MATH 1332   Contemporary Mathematics
  • MATH 1314   College Algebra
  • Tacoma Community College
  • MATH& 146   Introduction to Statistics
  • MATH-CM     Computer Mediated Arithmetic and Algebra

  • Education
  • Ph.D. Student in Mathematics, Washington State University (in progress)
  • M.S. in Mathematics, Eastern Washington University
  •      Advisor: Dr. Dale Garraway
  • B.A. in Mathematics, Eastern Washington University
  •      Minor: Economics, Anthropology

  • C. Bang, M. von Bell, E. Culver, J. Dickson, S. Dimitrov, R. Perrier, and S. Sundaram On Sums, Derivatives, and Flips of Riordan Arrays, arXiv:2210.02566
  • J. Dickson and R. Perrier, Dots-and-Polygons, Recreational Mathematics Magazine, vol. 9, no. 16 (2022): 21-42.

  • Clubs & Organizations
  • AMS   WSU Graduate Student Chapter of the American Mathematical Society
        Secretary Fall 2020 - Spring 2021
  • AWM   WSU Association for Women in Mathematics
        Secretary Spring 2019 - Spring 2020
  • PWG   Python Working Group
  • MAA   Mathematical Association of America