COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics
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Scholarships and Awards

Below is a list of department scholarships and awards that are available to students. Click here to apply for scholarships.

A very warm thank you to all our gracious donors.

Newly Certified Students:

The Paul and Marjorie Clement Memorial Mathematics Scholarship is given to a newly certified student who excels in mathematics, and selection is based on a variety of criteria. The scholarship was first presented in 1981 and is dedicated in memory of Professor Paul A. Clement, a longtime member of the mathematics faculty at WSU, and his wife Marjorie who served the institution for many years as a librarian.

Outstanding Freshman Students:

The Bell Freshman Mathematics Scholarship Award is given each spring to an outstanding freshman mathematics student who intends to return to WSU for their sophomore year. This scholarship has been given since 1978 and is named in honor of its original and primary donors, Douglas and Michele Bell, who were WSU students in the late 1960's and early 1970's. More than one student may receive the award.

Outstanding Sophomore Student:

The Knebelman Prize in Mathematics is presented each spring to outstanding sophomore mathematics students who intend to return to WSU their junior year. The scholarship has been given since 1982 in memory of Professor Morris Knebelman who was a long-time mathematics professor and former department chairman.

Outstanding Junior Students:

The J. Russell and Mildred H. Vatnsdal Memorial Scholarship is awarded each spring to the outstanding junior mathematics major who intends to return to WSU their senior year. The award has been given since 1967 in memory of Professor J. Russell Vatnsdal who served as a member of the mathematics faculty for nearly forty years before his passing in 1966.

Outstanding Senior Students:

The Knebelman Outstanding Senior Award is presented each spring to the outstanding graduating senior majoring in mathematics. Established in 1961 upon Professor Knebelman's retirement as the Knebelman Prize in Mathematics, the award was re-established with its present name in 1979. The recipient receives a personalized plaque and their name is added to a wall plaque showcased in the Sidney G. Hacker Lounge of Neill Hall.

Outstanding Undergraduate Students:
  • The Ames Family Scholarship in Mathematics was established in 2007 by Randall and Ina Ames who both received their degree in mathematics from WSU in 1973. Both were born, raised, and pursued their careers in eastern Washington. Their two daughters also graduated from WSU. The scholarship is awarded to an outstanding junior or senior math major who graduated from a high school in eastern Washington.
  • The Tom and Tarry Eastep Scholarship was established in 2010 by Tom and Tarry Eastep. Tom graduated from WSU in 1967 and credits scholarships from the department for making his degree possible. Tom and Tarry established the scholarship to help give current mathematics students the same opportunitities Tom was given. It is awarded each spring to a student majoring in mathematics with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • The Marianne Hawley Fessler Endowment in Mathematics Award was established in the spring of 1984 and is awarded to an outstanding student in the department. It is given in memory of its donor Marianne Hawley Fessler, who graduated from WSU in 1934.
  • The Sidney G. Hacker Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarship was established in 1984 to honor Dr. Sidney G. Hacker, who served as chairman of the department for many years. He was devoted to academic excellence and attended college on a scholarship, which prompted his family to provide similar opportunities to other students. The award provides scholarships to students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the study of mathematics.
  • The Sidney G. Hacker Undergraduate Research Mathematics Scholarship provides funds from the Hacker endowment to support research and creative activities by undergraduate students who are certified math majors. These students initiate and carry out a research project under the guidance of a department faculty member during spring semester.
  • The Julie Kerr Scholarship in Mathematics was originally established in 2001 as the Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Endowment Fund and was re-established in 2007 in the name of the donors daughter, Julie Kerr, who passed away in 2007. Julie Kerr graduated summa cum laude from WSU in 1992 with an undergraduate degree in mathematics. The Kerrs want other undergraduate students to thrive and excel in mathematics in the same way their daughter did while attending WSU.
  • The Knebelman Memorial Scholarhip was established by Carl Taylor who received his undergraduate degree in 1963. He established the fund in memory of Professor Morris Knebelman, recalling that Knebelman "was a great teacher who could explain complicated topics with a good sense of humor." The scholarship provides financial assistance to outstanding undergraduate students in the department.
  • The Charles "Chuck" Millham Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics was established in 2012 by Chris and Geri Carlson who are both graduates of WSU. The award recognizes Professor Charles "Chuck" Millham who demanded academic excellence of his students and mentored them as individuals. He encouraged students to develop their unique abilities, as well as analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • The Settles Family Scholarship Endowment was established in 2017. Recipients of the award are chosen from declared undergraduate math majors having a 2.5 GPA or higher. Elaine Settles married Ray Eldridge while attending WSU and graduated in 1971. Ray later became President of the WSU Alumni Association, of which Elaine is a Platinum Life Member. Their son Thom has 3 degrees from WSU, and one is in mathematics. Elaine says her "fine WSU education made her career, and later her retirement, meaningful and rewarding."
  • The Robert and Nancy Strong Scholarship in Mathematics was established in 2007. Robert Strong graduated from WSU in 1957 and established this scholarship fund out of appreciation for his education and the opportunities it gave him. He established the scholarship for students who, like himself, who are hardworking and appreciate the opportunity for a university education.
  • The Richard and Bonnie Winkenwerder Scholarship in Mathematics was established in 2010 to assist interested and qualified students in fulfilling a desire to become an actuary. Richard graduated from WSU in 1952 with a degree in mathematics and enjoyed a rewarding career as a partner with the prestigious international consulting actuarial firm, Milliman, Inc. He credits the support he received at WSU with keeping his interest in actuarial science alive.
Outstanding Graduate Students in Research or Teaching:
  • The CISER Alumni Award for Best M.S. Statistics Project is given to a graduate student who has excelled in the pursuit of a masters degree in statistics. It was created by statistics alumni and the recipient is selected by current statistics faculty.
  • The CISER Book Award for Best Among Ph.D. in Statistics is given to a Ph.D. student who has excelled in all facets of the statistics graduate program; teaching, research, and service. The award was created by alumni and faculty, and alternates each year recognizing Professor Michael Jacroux or Professer Richard Alldredge for their many years of teaching statistics.
  • The Sidney G. Hacker Graduate Mathematics Scholarship was first awarded in 1987. Awards are given each year to honor the late Sidney G. Hacker, a long-time faculty member and former department chair who was instrumental in establishing the doctoral program in mathematics. It recognizes students for excellence in graduate research, teaching, or community engagement.
  • The Nancy J. Robertson Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Mathematics was established in 2006. Ms. Robertson received her undergraduate degree in mathematics in 1969 from WSU and went on to become a computer programmer. The award is given to graduate students who excel in research and teaching, and exceed expectations in overall citizenship in the graduate program in mathematics.
Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Students:
  • The Joe and Pat Cude Scholarship Endowment was established in 2017 by Joe and Pat Cude in appreciation for the many opportunities afforded to them by WSU. It recognizes excellence in mathematics and statistics and provides support to students for educational expenses.
  • The William and Mary Lynn Graber Mathematics Development Endowment Fund Award, was established in 1999 to support the Department of Mathematics at WSU. William Graber graduated from WSU in 1965 with an undergraduate degree in mathematics. Both Mr. and Mrs. Graber are avid supporters and advocates of higher education and Washington State University.