COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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Applied Mathematics

Statistics and Probability

Pure Mathematics

Mathematics Education

    Current Seminars

    Combinatorics, Linear Algebra, and Number Theory (CLaN) Monday 4:10-5:00 Webster 11 (web site) Sheng-Chi Liu
    Porous Media Monday 4:10-5:00 Spark 212 Lynn Schreyer
    Mathematical Biology Tuesday 4:20-5:10 Spark 335 Nick Strigul
    Mathematics Education Tuesday 4:20-5:10 Spark 233 (web site) Judi McDonald
    Statistics Wednesday 4:10-5:00 CUE 114 Daryl DeFord
    Analysis Friday 12:10-1:00 Spark 212 Kevin Vixie