Math Lessons

Finding Minimum When does a newborn baby reach its minimum weight? Find the minimum graphically and analytically.
Integration and Differentiation How long does it take a car to skid to a stop and how far does it skid? Find the solution graphically and analytically. Learn the relationship between graphs and integration.
Serial Music An introduction to serial music. Learn how modular math and matrices play an essential role in the composition of serial music.
Area and Integration Estimate the area under a function by using geometric shapes to fill up the area between the curve and the x-axis. Learn the relationship between area under a curve and integration.
Fair Division The challenge of dividing assets fairly, from cakes to more important properties, is of great practical importance. Learn about fair division through three interactive lessons: how to allocate a piece of land among two or three people; how to allocate the property in a divorce; and, how to allocate the assets of an inheritance.
Voting How do we decide who wins an election? You may think you know the answer - but it turns out that the situation is not so simple. Many different ways to run an election have been suggested and the winner may depend as much on the method used as on the opinions of the voters. The subject of voting is a rich one with a number of surprises.
Venn Diagrams Deductive arguments. Learn how to use Venn Diagrams to arrive at a conclusion based on some given premises.
Understanding Graphs Lean how to interpret graphs by solving a supply and demand problem. Solve a system of equations derived graphically. Learn the relationship between systems of equations and graphs.
Equations of Lines Interactive tutorial for learning how to write equations of lines given certain information on points and/or slopes.
Acceleration Smash a crash test dummy into a wall. Aquire a feeling for acceleration and speed. Learn the relationship between acceleration and equations of acceleration.
Intersecting Lines Interactively translate and rotate lines. Develop a graphical sense for equations of lines. Learn the meaning of the intersection of lines.
Parabolas Interactively find the points of intersection between a parabola and a line. Learn about the relationship between parabolas and quadratic equations.
Tangent Lines Interactively find tangent lines to parabolas. Learn about secant and tangent lines.
Asymetrix Books Interactive, animated lessons covering "The Nearest Neighbor Algorithm" and "The Limit (a graphical approach)." These are Asymetrix books that run on a Windows PC.
Graphing Tool Interactively graph curves. Learn the shapes of graphs. Learn about domain and range.

CJ Kentler,
Matt Hudelson,
Bob Vogeler,
V.S. Manoranjan
Washington State University
Department of Mathematics
Pullman, Wa. 99164-3113