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Math 300: Mathematical Computing

Matlab Newton's Method

Recall that Newton's Method is an iterative way of approximating a zero of a function \(f\). The idea is that, given a starting guess \(x_i\), we compute new estimates of the zero of \(f\) using the formula \[x_{n+1}=x_n-\frac{f(x_n)}{f'(x_n)}\quad n=0,1,\dots\ .\] One uses this iteration until \(\vert x_{n+1}-x_n\vert\lt \text{tolerance}\) or until we give up trying. Write a Matlab function newton(f,x0,tolerance) that finds the zero of a function using Newton's method.

The last test will take place at the final exam time on Tuesday, 12 December, from 1:30-3:30. It will be written as a one-hour (not 50 minute) exam, but you may have the full two hours for it. In other respects it will be very like the other tests, but comprehensive - it will emphasize Python, but cover all the topics we have seen. There is a Sample Exam, but be aware that things will have changed somewhat with the advent of ChatGPT.

Assignment A is posted.

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