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For the purpose of this ICE we suppose that you are logged into a Windows machine called "local", and that you use ssh to log into another machine called "remote". We assume that your account name on the remote machine is "username". You will need to substitute the actual computer and user names for those names in all commands given below.

  1. Log into local
  2. Start an ssh session to remote from local
    • Start Putty
    • If you don't have Putty installed, get it at, and save it to your "U: drive". Then double-click it in explorer to start.
    • The machine that will be most useful to you is pingora.
    • Make sure in Putty that you specify an ssh session - not telnet!
  3. Capture the image of one of your windows on local
    • Click the window to give it the focus
    • Press <alt>+<prt scr>
  4. Save the image as a bitmap
    • Open paint: Start->Programs->Accessories->Paint
    • Press <ctrl>+v to paste the image (or use Edit->Paste).
    • Save the image on your "U: drive" as junk.bmp
    • Notice how large it is.
  5. Copy that image to remote
    • Start a shell: Start->Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt
    • Type "U:" to get to your U partition
    • Type scp -l username junk.bmp
  6. Start the X server on local
    • Click Start->Programs->X-Win 5.1->X-Win 5.1
    • Press the <esc> key to get rid of the "session" window
  7. Start nautilus on remote
    • Nautilus is a desktop manager, rather like explorer in Windows
    • First tell remote where to send graphic output:
      export DISPLAY=local:0
    • From your Putty window, type "nautilus"
    • Note that you get a file manager and a desktop, but no panel.
  8. Convert the image on remote
    • Locate the image in the file manager
    • Double-click the image icon to view it.
    • Click the button labeled "View in Gimp"
    • Right-click the image that results to get a menu
    • Click File->Save As
    • Save the image as junk.jpg
    • Take defaults on all subsequent dialog boxes.
    • Note how much smaller the jpg image is than the bmp
  9. Copy the jpg image back to local
    • In the shell on local, type
    • scp -l username junk.jpg

The last test will take place at the final exam time on Tuesday, 12 December, from 1:30-3:30. It will be written as a one-hour (not 50 minute) exam, but you may have the full two hours for it. In other respects it will be very like the other tests, but comprehensive - it will emphasize Python, but cover all the topics we have seen. There is a Sample Exam, but be aware that things will have changed somewhat with the advent of ChatGPT.

The scores are posted on the Info tab at My.math. Notify the instructor of discrepancies immediately.

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