Department of Mathematics

Math 300: Mathematical Computing

Assignment 7

In this assignment you will write a function called riemannLeftSum that takes four arguments: f, a, b, and n. f will be a function input; a is the left limit of integration; b is the right limit of integration; and n is the number of subintervals for a left Riemann sum approximation to the integral. The function will do two things: it will create a plot as in Figure 1; and it will return the value of the Riemann sum.

Figure 1: The Jinjer function

The bars are made using the fill() function with a 'FaceAlpha' value of 0.5.

The assignment is worth 40 points and is due at 9 AM on Friday, 20 October. The assignment is turned in when the .m file appears as an attachment to a message in the instructors email inbox.

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