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Math 201 - Finite Mathematics (undergraduate Business and Econ majors)
*vid*   *lec*   Math 220 - Introduction to Linear Algebra (undergraduate)
*lec*   Math 230 - Honors Linear Algebra (undergraduate)  
*lec*   Math 273 - Calculus of functions of several variables (undergraduate)
*vid*   *lec*   Math 364 - Principles of Optimization (undergraduate)
*vid*   *lec*   Math 401 - Introduction to Analysis I (senior undergraduate)
*vid*   *lec*   Math 464 - Linear Optimization (beginning graduate/senior undergraduate)   
*vid*   *lec*   Math 524 - Algebraic Topology (graduate level)   
*vid*   *lec*   Math 529 - Introduction to Computational Topology    (graduate level)    -- in progress
*vid*   *lec*   Math 466/566 - Network Optimization (graduate level)   
*vid*   *lec*   Math 567 - Integer and Combinatorial optimization (graduate level)   
Math 574 - Optimization in Computational Biology    (topics course - graduate level)
Math 581 - Image and Data Analysis (topics course - graduate level)

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