Honors Introductory Linear Algebra

Math 230  -- Honors Introductory Linear Algebra

Course Description
This course will present a low-level introduction to the basics of linear algebra and matrix theory. Topics covered include systems of linear equations, determinants and matrix inverses, rank, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors. Discussions will be limited to real numbers and real spaces. Compared to Math 220 (Introductory Linear Algebra), increased emphasis will be given to proof-type problems and exercises in this Honors course. The software package MATLAB will also be introduced in a reasonably thorough fashion in this course.

Syllabus and Schedule

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Tuesday, Jan 18: Office hours for today are only from 2:45pm-3:45 pm. This change is only for this Tuesday.
Thursday, Jan 27: Homework scores are posted against your PassNumbers, which have been emailed to you.
Thursday, Feb 10: Matlab problems from Homework 4 (#6 and #7) could be turned in by 5:00 pm on Friday, Feb 11.
Friday, Feb 25: Special office hours on Monday, Feb 28, 1-3 pm.
Tuesday, Apr 12: office hours for the remaining Tuesdays including today, i.e., Apr 12, 19, 26: 2:45-4 pm and 5-6 pm.
Thursday, Apr 21: Course evaluations on skylight: Please fill out the course evaluation form at https://skylight.wsu.edu/student/.

Topics covered, and lecture notes

Scores against your PassNumbers   (Last updated on May 4, 2011 -- Final)

Homework 1   -- Due on Thursday, Jan 20.
     Solutions to Homework 1
Homework 2   -- Due on Thursday, Jan 27.
     Solutions to Homework 2
Homework 3   -- Due on Thursday, Feb 3.
     Solutions to Homework 3
Homework 4   -- Due on Thursday, Feb 10.
     Solutions to Homework 4   Matlab commands    Output from Matlab
Homework 5   -- Due on Thursday, Feb 17.
     Solutions to Homework 5   Matlab commands
Homework 6   -- Due on Thursday, Feb 24.
     Solutions to Homework 6   Matlab commands
Homework 7   -- Due on Thursday, Mar 10.
     Solutions to Homework 7
Homework 8   -- Due on Thursday, Mar 24.
     Solutions to Homework 8
Homework 9   -- Due on Friday, Apr 1.
     Solutions to Homework 9
Homework 10   -- Due on Thursday, Apr 7.
     Solutions to Homework 10   SqrDiff.m   output
Homework 11   -- Due on Thursday, Apr 14.
     Solutions to Homework 11
Homework 12   -- Due on Thursday, Apr 28.
     Solutions to Homework 12

Practice Midterm     Solutions to Practice Midterm
Midterm     Solutions to midterm
Practice Final           Solutions to Practice Final
Final     Solutions to final

Computer Project
MyRREF.m     Sample report

Software and other Links

MATLAB sessions from lectures:

Mangle the Coug - linear transformation demo in 2D (from Prof. Hudelson's web page)

MyMath Page (run MATLAB and other packages on-line)
Accessing Math machines remotely (run full version of MATLAB)

MATLAB Tutorial from Mathworks page
Another guide to MATLAB from UBC CS.
Gilbert Strang's   Linear Algebra course (MIT Open Courseware)

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