Introduction to Linear Algebra (Math 220 Section 2)

Math 220  -- Introduction to Linear Algebra (Section 2)

Course Description
This course will present a low level introduction to the basics of linear algebra and matrix theory. Topics covered include systems of linear equations, determinants and matrix inverses, rank, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors. Discussions will be limited to real numbers and real spaces. The computer package MATLAB will be used to implement and explore some of the ideas discussed in class as part of a computer project.

Syllabus and Schedule

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   Mon, Aug 19: All homework is online at Sign up for the course with Course ID: krishnamoorthy88326.
   Mon, Sep 2: Free tutoring is available at the Math Learning Center!
   Wed, Sep 18: Office hours for today will be 1-2 PM, and then from 3-4:30 PM.
   Tue, Oct   1: Office hour today is from 12:00-1:00 pm.
   Mon, Oct   7: This week, no class on Tuesday (Oct 8). Prof. McDonald will lecture on Thursday (Oct 10) in the regular classroom (Fulmer 201).

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Topics covered, lecture notes, and videos

Scores against your PassNumbers   (Final)

Check the Schedule given in the Syllabus for due dates of homework assignments. You need to submit ALL homework ONLINE at
   Solutions to TA graded exercises:
   Homework 1 (Section 1.1)
   Homework 2 (Sections 1.2,1.3)
   Homework 3 (Sections 1.4,1.5)
   Homework 4 (Section 1.7)
   Homework 5 (Section 1.8)
   Homework 6 (Section 1.9)

  The Midterm will cover sections 1.1-1.9 (1.6 is not included).
  The midterm is on Thursday, Oct 3.
      Midterm study guide      Answers to study guide problems
      Practice Midterm           Solutions to Practice Midterm
      Midterm           Solutions to Midterm

   The final will be comprehensive, but will focus mostly on the sections covered after the midterm.
   The final will be held in Heald G3 (auditorium) on Tuesday, Dec 10, 7-9 PM.
        Last year's final (From Prof. McDonald)         Solutions to Last year's final
        Practice final           Solutions to Practice Final
        Final                        Solutions to Final

   Computer Project -- Due on Thursday, Dec 5.
      Sample project report

Software and other Links
   MyMath Page (run MATLAB and other packages on-line)
MATLAB Tutorial from Mathworks page
   A MATLAB Primer
   Another guide to MATLAB from UBC CS.
   Gilbert Strang's   Linear Algebra course (MIT Open Courseware)
   "Mangle the Coug" - linear transformations in 2D (by Prof. Hudelson)

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