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Here are some local links to the Mathematics Department, and to the University. The next link will give you information about the Town of Pullman and other links to points of interest in the Inland Empire. I have also constructed an Excell spreadsheet that gives a plot of the hours of SunRise and SunSet for Pullman WA.


Here are links to some of my teaching materials.

The Math 172 home page Fall 1996.

The Math 108 home page Fall 1996.

The Math 440 home page Spring 1997.

The Math 300 home page Spring 1998.

The Math 315 home page Fall 1998.

The Math 273 home page Fall 1998


Here are some of the major mathematical WWW resources.

Click on Ada Augusta Byron, The Countess of Lovelace (1815-1852) for a set of links of special interest to Women in Mathematics, Sciences, and elsewhere.

The main home page for SIAM, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Here is another page maintained by SIAM for Undergraduate Mathematics.

The next few links give extensive lists of Web sites concerned with Mathematics Education in the K-12 curriculum and here is another page from Yahoo that includes K-12 as well as universities.

The Mathematical Association of America.

e-math from the American Mathematical Society.

MATLAB For supporting the commercial package Matlab.

The Simtel Archive is a very large collection of computing resources for the Dos/Windows (3.*, 95, NT) environment. And here is a mirror site at Oakland Simtel. The mirror also contains other software of all kinds, PC, MAC, UNIX...

NAG Numerical Algorithms Group HomePage to support the commercial package NAG.

Netlib Hundreds of numerical packages.

GAMS Guide to Available Mathematical Software. A vast collection with capability to search for key words.

I use the Borland Sprint editor for most of my program constructions so I put up a special page for it.

The following places all have many links to other links of mathematical interest.

Now for some TeX and LaTeX stuff.

Here is the TeX archive from an outfit called Walnut Creek CD-ROM. They sell CD-ROM's but they also put much of there stuff on the Web for free. There is a huge collection of TeX related software, macros, graphics, printer drivers and Many other programs as well.

I have a list of TeX/LaTeX related links to some useful places.

Here is a long list of some other interesting TeX resources.


Next we have lists of other interesting stuff.

Find it on the Web or on UseNet with the AltaVista search engine.

Here is a list of My Bookmarks collected from browsing about the net. A very large collection of what I have found to be useful and/or interesting stuff.

One of the most interesting pages I have found is Victor Eijkhout's stuff.

Here is a Very good starting point for general browsing about the WWW.

This site is local to the Palouse and offers general Information about Pullman/Moscow and the Inland Empire. It also offers private internet access for the Palouse.

RTFM at MIT. Do you know what RTFM stands for?

Quartz An old and varied collection of internet links, especially FAQ's.

The Web page for Gateway2000.

Powell Book Store in Portland Oregon. A very large bookstore with search capability and electronic ordering. Great for Mathematics!

Blackwell's book store in Portland, Oregon. A large general purpose bookstore with search capability and electronic ordering.

Amazon.com is one of the largest Web only bookstores. You may order by Internet with a charge card (If you dare).

I also like Various kinds of Poetry.

I attended the 7-th meeting of the D. H. Lawrence Society in Taos New Mexico.


I give you my Standard Disclaimer.

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