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Mathematical Biology Seminar

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Meet on Zoom
Meeting ID: 927 5402 5553
Passcode: 591

Tuesday 4:10 - 5:00 PM PT

Fall 2021 Schedule

Speaker and Title
August 24
Daihai He, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Combining COVID-19 death data and serological survey results to estimate COVID-19 attack rate
August 31
Audrey Fu, University of Idaho
Types of cis- and trans-gene regulation of expression quantitative trait loci across human tissues
September 7
Glenn Webb, Vanderbilt University
Modelling the Aqueous Transport of an Infectious Pathogen in Regional Communities. Application to the Cholera Outbreak in Haiti in 2010
September 14
Dan Wilson, University of Tennessee
Model Order Reduction of Limit Cycle Oscillators Far Beyond the Weakly Perturbed Limit
September 21
Eric Shea-Brown, University of Washington
Dimensionality in neural networks
September 28
Stacey Smith?, University of Ottawa
Modelling the daily risk of Ebola in the presence and absence of a potential vaccine
October 5
Veronica Ciocanel, Duke University
Modeling and data analysis for filament organization in cell biology
October 12
Joe Tien, Ohio State University
From prisons to universities to misinformation: some experiences modeling SARS-CoV-2 dynamics
October 19
Yixiang Wu, Middle Tennessee State University
Global dynamics of a Lotka-Volterra competition patch model
October 26 Cengiz Pehlevan,  Harvard University
Inductive bias of neural networks
November 2
Naveen Vaidya, San Diego State University
Data-driven Modeling of COVID-19 from Within-Host Infection to Between-Host Transmission
November 9
Mason Porter, University of California, Los Angeles
Topological Data Analysis of Spatial Complex Systems
November 16
Mark Lewis, University of Alberta
Mathematical models for the neutral genetics of changing populations
November 23 Thanksgiving break
November 30
Patrick De Leenheer, Oregon State University
The mathematics behind the basic reproduction number R0
December 7
Priscilla (Cindy) Greenwood, University of British Columbia
Building stochastic dynamical neural circuits for cortical control