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Washington State University
Combinatorics, Linear Algebra and Number Theory Seminar

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Meet on Zoom
Meeting ID: 992 9316 3714
Password: M410

Monday, 4:10 - 5:00 PM

Spring 2022 Schedule

January 10: No Seminar
January 17: No Seminar (Martin Luther King Day)
January 24: Organizational Meeting
January 31: Jakob Streipel
Multiple Dirichlet Series
February 7: Brian Becsi
Rootfinding Algorithms with Matrix Valued Orthogonal Polynomials

   February 14: No Seminar
February 21: No Seminar (President's Day)
February 28:
Sahar Nesaei and Sepideh Nesaei
March 7: Jennifer Johnson-Leung (University of Idaho)
Klingen Vectors and Siegel Paramodular Forms
March 14: No Seminar (Spring vacation)
March 21: Rachel Perrier
Third Degree Analogs to Continued Fractions
March 28: Jessica Dickson
The Overlays of Riordan Arrays
April 4: Shabnam Akhtari (University of Oregon)
Orders in cubic and quartic number fields and classical diophantine equations
April 11: Derek Garton (Portland State University)
Periodic points of polynomials over finite fields

April 18: Paula Kimmerling
Fun Topics in Algebraic Graph Theory

April 25: Liyang Yang (Princeton University)
Non-vanishing of twists of GL(4) L-functions

Fall 2021 Schedule

August 23: Organizational Meeting
August 30: Vorrapan Chandee (Kansas State University)
The sixth moment of Dirichlet L-functions without average in the t-aspect
September 6: No Seminar (Labor Day)
September 13: Jakob Streipel
Diophantine approximation and counting points on curves
September 20: Paula Kimmerling
Dutch Windmills: Recursion and Interlacing
   September 27: Daryl DeFord
The Discharging Method for Graph Colorings
October 4: No Seminar
October 11: Jack Buttcane (University of Maine)
Automorphic forms and exponential sums on GL(3) (and beyond)
October 18: Jakob Streipel
Low-lying zeros of L-functions
October 25: Jessica Dickson
The Transformation of Sequences via Riordan Arrays
November 1: Adrian Barquero-Sanchez (Universidad of Costa Rica)
Theta series and totally real number fields

November 8: Rachel Perrier
Triangular Floorplans
November 15: No Seminar
November 22: No Seminar (Thanksgiving Vacation)
November 29: Liubomir Chiriac (Portland State University)
The average number of divisors over sparse sequences

December 6: No Seminar