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Washington State University
Combinatorics, Linear Algebra and Number Theory Seminar

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Monday, 4:10 - 5:00 PM

  Spring 2021 Schedule

January 25: Organizational Meeting
February 1: Jakob Streipel
Averages in number theory
February 8: Keshav Aggarwal (University of Maine)
t -aspect subconvexity via delta methods
February 15: No Seminar (President's Day)
February 22: Paula Kimmerling
   March 1: Jemin Shim
March 8: Daryl Deford
Gerry Matchings
March 15:
Nathan Green (UCSD)
Algebraic Independence of Zeta Values of Function Fields of Elliptic Curves
March 22: Michael Tsatsomeros
Matrix Analysis for Continuous-Time Markov Chains
March 29: Jessica Dickson
The Production Matrix of a Riordan Array
April 5: Nathan Green (UCSD)
Algebraic Independence of Zeta Values of Function Fields of Elliptic Curves
April 12: Judi McDonald
A Notion of Orthogonality over Finite Fields
April 19: Rachel Perrier
Some Continued Fraction Whimsy
April 26: No Seminar

Fall 2020 Schedule

August 24: Organizational Meeting
August 31: Sheng-Chi Liu
A GL(3) analog of Selberg's result on S(t)
September 7: No Seminar (Labor Day)
September 14: Daryl DeFord
Representations of $SL_2(\mathbb{Z}/p^n\mathbb{Z})$ and spectral properties of Bethe trees
September 21: Jakob Streipel
Central values and moments of L-functions
   September 28: Matthew Hudelson
Domino Tiling Recurrences
October 5: Paula Kimmerling
Discrete Quantum Walks vs Continuous Quantum Walks
October 12: Jessica Dickson and Rachel Perrier
October 19: Jemin Shim
October 26: Jordan Miller
Templates, Arrays, and Overlays
November 2: Jing-Jing Huang (University of Nevada, Reno)
Counting rational points close to a manifold
November 9: Rizwanur Khan (University of Mississippi)
Subconvexity bounds for twisted L-functions
November 16: Stephen Choi (Simon Fraser University)
Gap Principle of Divisibility Sequences of Polynomials
November 23: No Seminar (Thanksgiving Vacation)
November 30: Wei-Lun Tsai (University of Virginia)
Equidistribution of Fourier coefficients of weak Maass forms
December 7: David Wu (MIT)
Maximum Likelihood Inference of Random Dot Product Graphs through Conic Programming