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Washington State University
Combinatorics, Linear Algebra and Number Theory Seminar

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
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Meeting ID: 992 7322 2985
Password: M410

March 20, Monday, 4:10 - 5:00 PM


Jessica Dickson

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Washington State University

Title: Extended Riordan Arrays with Finite Overlays
This talk focuses on using Templates and Overlays to characterize extended Riordan arrays. Extended Riordan arrays are lower triangular arrays that extend infinitely in all directions, defined by a pair of ordinary generating functions. Operators X and Y are used to shift the array by columns and rows, respectively. A template is a polynomial in X and Y whereas an overlay is an array containing the coefficients of the template. In this presentation we discuss which extended Riordan arrays have finite overlays and the form these take.