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Washington State University
Combinatorics, Linear Algebra and Number Theory Seminar

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Monday, 4:10 - 5:00 PM

  Spring 2023 Schedule

January 9: Organizational Meeting
January 16: No Seminar (Martin Luther King Day)
January 23: No Seminar (Recruitment talk)
January 30: Daryl DeFord
Complexity bounds for sampling connected graph partitions
February 6: Patrick Gambill
An Introduction to Graph Reconstruction Problems
February 13: Peter Humphries (University of Virginia)
Hybrid subconvex bounds for self-dual GL(3) L-functions via spectral reciprocity
(Meet on Zoom)

                February 20: No Seminar (President's Day)
February 27:
No Seminar
March 6: Paula Kimmerling
Topics in Spectral Graph Theory
March 13: No Seminar (Spring vacation)
March 20: Jessica Dickson
Extended Riordan Arrays with Finite Overlays

(Meet on Zoom)
March 27: Rachel Perrier
Analyzing Periodicity of Multidimensional Continued Fractions with 3-SIMP Maps

April 3: Seong Jun Park
Copositive Matrix and Copositive Range
April 10: Alia Hamieh (University of Northern British Columbia)
Distribution of Values of Logarithmic Derivatives of L-functions
(Meet on Zoom)
April 17: Pan Yan (University of Arizona)
L-function for Sp(4)xGL(2) via a non-unique model
(Meet on Zoom)
April 24: Reserved

Fall 2022 Schedule

August 22: Organizational Meeting
August 29: Daryl DeFord
Enumeration Problems on Matched Product Graphs
September 5: No Seminar (Labor Day)
September 12: Sheng-Chi Liu
Equidistribution of integral points on ellipsoids
September 19: Benjamin Clark
Overleaf Example
   September 26: Michael Tsatsomeros
Continuous-Time Markov Chains

October 3: Paula Kimmerling
Continuous-Time Quantum Walks on Dutch Windmill Graphs
October 10: Ping Xi (Xi'an Jiaotong University)
Bounds for bilinear forms with Kloosterman sums
(Meet on Zoom)
October 17: Samir Mondal
October 24: Rachel Perrier
On Sums, Derivatives, and Flips of Riordan Arrays
October 31: Jessica Dickson
Riordan Arrays: From infinite A-sequences to finite Templates
November 7: Bingrong Huang (Shandong University)
Arithmetic Quantum Chaos and L-functions
(Meet on Zoom)
November 14: Nathan Ng (University of Lethbridge)
Moments of the Riemann Zeta Function
(Meet on Zoom)
November 21: No Seminar (Thanksgiving Vacation)
November 28: No Seminar
December 5: Matthew Hudelson
Tree Expressions and Graph Tilings