Teaching Experience
At WSU I am heavily involved in developing courses for our Data Analytics program and I'm particularly passionate about incorporating real-world data and computational tools into the classroom. Examples of my course materials can be found in the links below.

As a result of my work analyzing gerrymandering I also focus on the social impact of mathematical modeling in my teaching and have developed several sets of materials for helping math students contribute to research around voting rights and political redistricting, which I used while supervising students through the Voting Rights Data Institute and the UW eScience Data Science for Social Good programs. I have also developed and presented materials for other instructors on this topic through the AMS Engaged Pedagogy Series.

In addition to collegiate instruction, the resources I created for mentoring and coaching middle and high school math teams are collected here. For broader descriptions of my perspectives on teaching you can read this interview about my graduate student teaching award and my teaching philosophy statement from the last time I was on the job market.

Washington State University

AMS Engaged Pedagogy Series: Mathematical Foundations for Democratic Processes

In Spring 2023, Beth Malmskog and I designed and presented interactive course materials on gerrymandering and computational redistricting for instructors across the country together with other experts in the Mathematical Foundations for Democratic Processes program. The resouces we put together are available here.

UW eScience Institute Data Science for Social Good

During the 2021 summer term I served as a project lead for the UW DSSG program, supervising a team of graduate student researchers on a project about employing the ensemble method to analyze newly proposed districting plans. The fellows created a detailed guide describing the modeling process and conducted several case studies with real data to evaluate their methodology. A summary of all of their excellent work is displayed here.

Voting Rights Data Institute

During the 2018 and 2019 summer terms I helped lead the Voting Rights Data Institute organized by the MGGG. This is an 8 week program that has included 80+ undergraduate and graduate students focused on problems related to redistricting. Much of the work was interdisciplinary, combining skills from mathematics, political science, computer science, geography, and many others. Some of the material that I developed for this program have also been used for stand-alone workshops and tutorials:

Tufts Models Reading Lab

In the Spring 2019 term I cotaught a course on Mathematical Models in Social Context with Moon Duchin. This course focused on STS readings and discussion of models as socially situated scientific tools.

MIT IAP 2019

In January 2019 I developed a four week IAP course on Computational Approaches for Political Redistricting at MIT. This course focused on software tools and mathematical principles for analyzing political redistricting developed by MGGG.

Teaching Award Interview

In 2017, I won the Dartmouth Graduate Teaching Award, which is a college-wide recognition for exemplifying the qualities of a college educator. An article from the graduate school focused on my teaching experiences can be found: here.

Dartmouth Math Courses

Crossroads Math Team

I volunteer as a coach for the competitive math team at Crossroads Academy in Lyme, NH. Our weekly meetings are centered around developing problem solving skills and preparing for competitions and coached the New Hampshire state Math Counts team at Nationals in 2017. Many of the resources that I have put together for the students are collected here.

In 2015-16, the Crossroads team won the chapter and state Math Counts and Math League competitions as well as placing first in New Hampshire and Northern New England on the AMC-8. In 2016-17, the students repeated as champions in all of these competitions as well as qualifying two students for the national Math Counts competition. The team was equally successful in 2017-18 and again qualified a student for the national Math Counts competition.

LaTeX Workshops 2016-2018

Together with David Freund, I have developed and presented a series of workshops on mathematical typesetting with LaTeX, organized through the Kresge Library and Mathematics Librarian Katie Harding.

High School Workshops

Through the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Science and Technology Series I developed and presented two workshops for middle and high school aged students:

As part of the Dartmouth Mathematics Garduate Teaching Seminar I helped develop and run two week-long workshops for local high school students