Network Optimization: Software


WSU Systemwide Matlab license
Getting started with Matlab   (check out Sections on matrices and arrays, array indexing, and programming/scripts)

Matlab code

netdata.m    example1.m    Matlab session from Lecture 5

bfs_template.m   (could use for the coding assignment in Hw4)
   bfs_detailed.m (detailed implementation of BFS)
   bfs.m (more efficient implementation of BFS)
   AMO_3_24.m (Problem 3.24 form AMO)


Notes on the SAP algo for max flow
   AMO_Fig721a.m (Problem in Fig 7.21a from AMO)

FIFOPreflow.m    subroutines: FIFOPreflow_init.m   FIFOPreflow_find_active.m   FIFOPreflow_push_relabel.m

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