Linear Optimization: Software


AMPL bundles    (use login+password shared via email)

Intro to AMPL
Dude M. Major's Thursday problem:    LP file    AMPL Session
Production problem (BT-ILO Problem 1.15): model    data    output
Oil refinery problem (BT-ILO Problem 1.16): model    data    output
Inventory problem (BT-ILO Problem 1.10): InventoryData.txt    model    data    output
School assignment problem (BT-ILO Problem 1.9): Capacities.txt    Distances.txt    Populations.txt
      model    run commands    output
Duality and CSCs: AMPL session from Lecture 24    DataMatrix.txt

WSU Systemwide Matlab license
Getting started with Matlab   (check out Sections on matrices and arrays, array indexing, and programming/scripts)
Finding bfs's in Matlab: Session from Lecture 9
Bfs's and degenerate bfs's: Session from Lecture 10
Basic directions and reduced cost: Session from Lecture 12
Min-ratio test example: Session from Lecture 13
Iterations of the simplex method: Session from Lecture 14
Tableau simplex method: Session from Lecture 17
Tableau simplex and cycling example: Session from Lecture 18
Lexicographic pivoting and big-M method: Session from Lecture 19
full example using big-M method: Session from Lecture 20
Bland's rule to avoid cycling: Session from Lecture 27

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