COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Computer Services

The department uses technology extensively in classroom instruction, as well as faculty research. Four computing labs are available to students and faculty. These labs support both Linux and Windows operating systems running mathematical software such as Maple, Matlab, SAS, Minitab, Splus, and LaTeX, as well as other computing packages. Students may access mathematical software at any time by using an interactive website maintained exclusively for math courses. The department also runs a 48-node, 192 CPU cluster for research in mathematical biology. Centralized departmental information is maintained in a database for easy administrative access and elimination of redundancy. In addition, on-line forums exist to aide and increase communication between department members.

Need Help?

Log on to the Math Forum to post a question, reserve equipment, and read computing or department news. The Math Forum replaces the former helpdesk system and serves as a communication tool for the department. Please use the forum to let us know of any problems you are having with Windows or Linux machines, rather than contacting systems staff individually. Your problem will be addressed as soon as possible. See computing personnel, or office staff, for the Math Forum URL.