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Undergraduate Information

The Mathematics Department provides a curriculum suited to many different fields of study. The department administers undergraduate major and minor areas of concentration. Students may focus on a Bachelor of Science degree in one of the following areas:

Complete details about all of these options including their course requirements, may be found in the Mathematics Guide for the Undergraduate.

Mathematics and Statistics information for future students.

You may also be interested in a minor in mathematics or statistics.

For information about mathematics education click here.

Student Learning Outcomes for Mathematics Majors

Students completing the undergraduate major in mathematics will have obtained the following:

  1. The ability to read and communicate mathematics with understanding and clarity. This includes the ability to use the language of mathematics both in its idiomatic and rigorous forms, to give a clear written or oral explanation of the meaning of certain fundamental concepts and statements and of how such concepts and statements apply in particular situations. This ability includes interpreting and using conventional mathematical notation.
  2. The ability to formulate and test conjectures and to construct simple mathematical proofs.
  3. Persistence and skill in applying precise, logical reasoning to problem solving.
  4. Basic competency in core areas including: calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, probability and statistics, and analysis.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduates have an exciting opportunity to collaborate with faculty members on research projects that address emerging issues in mathematics. These projects involve working closely with faculty and may ultimately contribute to research publications. Several of our undergraduate students who have worked on research projects have gone on to pursue graduate research and education at other nationally reputed universities. If you are interested in research opportunities with faculty, we invite you to contact faculty members individually for more information. Read about some student undergraduate research.

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