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Department Hosts Undergraduate PiMUC Conference

Photo of PiMUC speaker

On Saturday, April 9, 2022, the department hosted the Pacific Inland Mathematics Undergraduate Conference (PiMUC, also known as πMUC) on the Pullman campus. The conference, with participants from Eastern Oregon University, Oregon State University, University of Montana, University of Idaho, Gonzaga, and WSU, gave student researchers the opportunity to present their work through either a short talk or poster. Students showcased work done with faculty members, capstone projects, class projects, or original solutions to problems on math contests. The conference also featured a plenary talk by faculty member Daryl DeFord.

A box lunch was served so attendees could visit different tables to meet with graduate students in the department’s Association for Women in Mathematics student chapter. The graduate students offered mentoring and advice on different topics relating to graduate school, including the application process, serving as a teaching assistant, and what to expect in graduate courses.

Professor Amy Yielding of Eastern Oregon University and Professor Bonni Dichone of Gonzaga University, both PhD graduates of WSU, created this annual conference series in 2018. In previous years, the conference has been held on the campus of Gonzaga and on Zoom in 2020 and 2021.

Local organizers, Professors Will Hall and Sergey Lapin, ensured that everything ran smoothly. Thanks should also be given to the department’s staff who handled most of the arrangements.

For more information see the conference website at and read this WSU Insider article, "Math undergrads from four states meet to solve real‑world problems."

The next edition of PiMUC will be held at Gonzaga in April 2023.

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