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Department Members Receive Awards

College of Arts and Sciences Awards

In March 2021, five members of our department were honored by the College of Arts and Sciences. This is the same number of awards we received in 2020, which was the most ever in our department. Both years we received more awards than any other department in the college. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions the college could not hold an awards reception as is customary.

All of our awardees are most deserving, and we are very proud of their achievements.

Staff member Debbie Brudie received the Outstanding Career Staff Achievement Award, which recognizes and honors staff members who exemplify excellence in performing their individual duties, demonstrate a commitment to teamwork, and who inspire excellence in others.

Professor Nairanjana "Jan" Dasgupta was the recipient of the Interdisciplinary Catalyst Award. This recognizes faculty or staff who have demonstrated the sustained capacity to bring colleagues together across disciplinary and institutional boundaries in service of shared accomplishments in research, scholarly and creative activity, and/or teaching.

Professor Sergey Lapin received the Mid- Career Achievement Award – Career Track. This recognizes faculty who have developed a record of leadership in teaching; scholarship, research, or creative activity; and/or service, and who have influenced the research and/or creative activities of students.

Graduate student Jakob Streipel received the award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student. This award recognizes a graduate student who exhibits exemplary teaching performance in the classroom.

Professor Michael Tsatsomeros was honored with the Excellence in Graduate Advising and Mentoring Award, which recognizes faculty who are effective graduate advisors and mentors; enrich the student-professor relationship through outstanding support, guidance, and knowledge within the discipline; and enable their students to complete their degree programs in a timely and scholarly manner.

More Awards

In April, Teaching Assistant Professor Mark Lesperance received an Access Center Faculty Award "for being a strong advocate for students with disabilities at WSU."

Scholarly Associate Professor Dean Johnson will receive a certificate and award of $750 for the "Challenging Collaborations and Lessons Learned" session he has organized for the upcoming American Statistical Association (ASA) Joint Statistical Meetings to be held August 7-12, 2021. The session was selected by the executive committee of the American Statistical Association's Statistical Consulting Section as the best topic contributed session for the consulting section.

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