Change Your 0365 Forwarding

On this page you will find instructions on how to:

  1. Stop the forwarding of your 0365 mail to your math email address.
  2. Forward your 0365 email to another address.
  3. Forward your 0365 email "and" keep a copy of it in 0365.

Point your browser at the O365 site at and log in using your WSU NetID.

When you enter, you will be taken to the WSU log-in page shown below.

You will end up at the O365 mail screen.
Look at the image above. Click on the small 'Settings' gear icon in the upper right of the screen. Click on "Mail" which is found below the "Your app settings."
Now look at the image below. On the left side of the screen under the "Accounts" heading, click on "Forwarding".

Look at the image below. Here you will see where your mail is currently being forwarded.
If it goes to gmail or some other off-campus site, you don't need to do anything.
Important: If it is going to your account address, then you need to click the 'Stop Forwarding' radio button,
or change the forwarding address to a destination that doesn't end in

If you want to keep a copy of your forwarded emails in 0365: If you are forwarding your email
address to gmail or another account, and you also want to keep a copy of mail in 0365, make
sure you click the check box next to "Keep a copy of forwarded messages."

Click the 'Save' option at the top of the pane, and you're done. Log off and close the browser tab.

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