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Configuring Alpine to use O365

You can continue to use alpine as your mail client, if you like, but you must change the mail configuration. The easiest way to do this is to move the old configuration:

mv .pinerc pinerc-old

and then create a new .pinerc. Edit a new .pinerc and put the following lines into it.
folder-collections={}[], ~/Mail/[]
default-fcc={}Sent Items

You will want to replace yournetworkid with your actual WSU NID. When you start alpine after putting this .pinerc in place, it will behave as if this is the first time you have run it. Indeed, it is the first time with this configuration. Once you have run it that time, henceforth it asks for a password when you start it, and when you first send mail on startup, but otherwise acts as it always has.