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Global Excellence in Online Teaching Award - Nominations

Photo of Professor Judi McDonald Photo of Eric Remaley
Professor Judi McDonald Teaching Associate Professor Eric Remaley

Teaching can be challenging and teaching online can be even more challenging yet two faculty members, Judi McDonald and Eric Remaley, excel at both - and their students' recognize it. Students' have nominated them to receive a 2022 WSU Global Excellence in Online Teaching Award. To be nominated for the award, now in its sixth year, faculty must employ best practices to engage, inspire, support, and show care for students in an online environment.

Some of the comments received from students' regarding Professor McDonald's teaching are:

  • She is so passionate about the subject and the enthusiasm definitely shows in her lecture videos.
  • She consistently reaches out to students asking if they need any help or if she notices them struggling with something. She strongly encourages communicating with her if we have any questions/problems.
  • She uses a lot of analogies for hard to understand concepts and explains things thoroughly. She also has a good grasp on students pain points and knows when to spend more time explaining those topics.
  • As mentioned, if she recognizes you haven't done your assignments or getting low scores she will reach out.

Some of the comments received from students' regarding Teaching Associate Professor Eric Remaley are:

  • Eric Remaley was the most encouraging, inspiring and most understanding teacher I have ever known. I endured struggles and wanted to quit but instead of his "understanding", he propped me up and taught me how to be better and work through my struggles. By far, Eric Remaley is one of the best teachers I have ever had in my life. I wish he could stay with me through all of college because I have had some other teachers in the same subject who have proven to be the opposite of him and made me feel like I can't do the work even after asking for help. Eric Remaley is one of the best out there.
  • When I was struggling to get my work done "on time", instead of failing me, he pushed me to get my work done whenever was possible and wanted me to complete the course with everything I had in me. He is the best instructor I have ever had and I have been with so many others that have let me down that I didnt see a diamond in the rough when it presented itself to me. He wanted me to learn and be my best self, knowing my struggles and current obstacles (I am 28, a mother of 3, one of which has autism and requires extra care), and he supported me the ENTIRE way.
  • The videos he posted helped me so much. I learned everything I needed to from these videos even though it took me forever to get through them all. I learned the material because of these lectures.
  • His care and concern was prevalent from the start and honestly professors need to learn from him. What is the point of being a teacher if you don't want your students to learn? I WANT to learn, but I have had more obstacles than most and need extra attention at times so that I can get my work done. School is not a cookie cutter institution and I wish more people would see it that way. Eric Remaley is the best teacher I have ever had and I wish there were more teachers like him.