COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Eric Remaley

Recipient of President's Award for Leadership- 2022

Photo of Eric Remaley Photo of Eric Remaley with long-flowing hair

Teaching Associate Professor Eric Remaley ('02 PhD Math.) has received a President's Award for Leadership. For twenty years Eric has been teaching as a faculty member in the department. Prior to that he taught 6 years as a graduate student, and before returning to school to complete his doctoral degree he taught junior high math for 3 years. He loves to teach and based on the evaluations he receives from students they, in return, love his teaching.

If you've ever met Eric you'll notice his quiet, chill personality and long-flowing hair. Over time he's acquired the nickname "Math Jesus" because of his trademark hair, and his calm and soothing ability to teach math. Teaching is in his blood.

Eric has numerous relatives who make or have made their living as educators, including both of his parents, an aunt, cousin, brother, and one of his daughters. His great great grandfather, Samuel Jarvis, founded the Greasy Rock Academy in Sneedville, Tennessee, which later became a public high school.

Evaluations from students provide some insight into Eric's teaching. One student wrote "I previously took calculus at a different college and ended up dropping it and taking a W because I didn't understand it and I just couldn't connect what the professor was saying. Within the first ten minutes of starting the course, Professor Remaley made limits click for me. I loved this course and I am doing so much better in it than I expected to be doing." Another student wrote "He was able to clearly and easily explain the content in his lectures. He was very thorough and structured his lectures in an organized manner. It was easy to take notes and he always spent some time to allow students to ask questions, if they had any, about what he had just gone over."

So, is Eric's teaching ability a gift from above, or is it innate? One student has written "they don't call him Math Jesus for nothing. Through him, all math is possible." We'll let you decide.