COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics
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Mathematics Colloquium: A New Generation Interactive eBook for Calculus


4:10 p.m. Neill Hall 5W

Eric Shulz

Eric is the creator of a new generation interactive eBook for calculus which contains 650 interactive 2D/3D figures that appear seamlessly with all of the narrative text, examples, exercises, etc. normally found in a printed calculus textbook. The interactive figures are designed to help students develop an intuitive, geometric understanding of important calculus principles while providing instructors with time-saving and pedagogically sound teaching tools. Eric will discuss the effects of using the interactive eBook and how it has changed the way he teaches and the way students are able to learn calculus. The complete eBook is built using Mathematica, however knowledge of Mathematica is not important for using the book (no Mathematica code is visible anywhere in the eBook) and readers of the book need only the freely available Mathematica Player software. The eBook design can be a model for other authors who want to write and create a new generation interactive eBook.