COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics
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Mathematics Colloquium: Mathematical Models of Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics


4:10 p.m. Neill 5W

Richard Gomulkiewicz

Abstract: This talk surveys a number of new and ongoing modeling projects in my research group concerning questions in evolution and ecology. The specific areas include (1) coevolution and population dynamics of spatially-distributed communities, (2) extinction in demographically heterogeneous populations, and (3) neutral evolution of heritable patterns of variation of multivariate quantitative traits. The projects use a broad array of methods from mathematics and computation, particularly dynamical systems, stochastic processes, and individual-based simulation. The talk will describe the basic models and methods that are being applied in each of my projects. It will also highlight contributions that current and past WSU math faculty have made to my education in these areas of applied mathematics.