MATH 300 - Homework 3

Math 300 - Homework 3 (back to Math 300 main page)

For this assignment you must copy the file at this location to your directory, and then create a CSS file named "R300.css" to format it so that it looks more or less like this image.

A few things should be noted.
  1. You are not permitted to change any HTML - all changes in appearance must be made in the separate CSS file (named "R300.css").
  2. Sometimes in saving HTML a link tag is modified by the browser. The link tag in this case must look like the following:
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="R300.css"/>
    If the tag in your HTML is different from that after you save, change it back. The best way to save an HTML file from the web is first to right-click it and "View Source"; then save from that window.
  3. The details of appearance will depend on the size and shape of the browser window. The picture always stays at the right of the window, and the center section grows and shrinks to fill the space between the navigation sidebar and the picture. Thus, do not worry unreasonably about the position of words on the page.
  4. Background of the links in the navigation sidebar turns white when you mouse over them. Note also that the footer text uses a Helvetica font.
  5. Color scheme used for the styling can be found by this link.
  6. To turn in the assignment, mail your completed CSS file to the instructor. He will view his own copy of the HTML using your CSS.
  7. The assignment is due at 12:00 PM (noon) on Monday, 13th of July.