MATH 300 - Homework 2

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This assignment requires you to make a web page at your class web site (this means put it inside of your "public" web folder). The file containing the web page must be named index.html (be precise here, it is important), and must contain the following elements:
  1. A heading (using HTML heading tag) containing an animal of your choice;
  2. A paragraph (or a couple of them) describing your first time to see that animal. They don't have to be true, but your writing skill is important here;
  3. An image of the animal (or pretending to be it). You might want to upload an image file to the server. Usage of proper file format for the image is advised;
  4. A table with 3 columns, first of which will be empty, second will be named "cuteness" and third is "bloodthirstiness" (both in italic). Then there should be a row for your animal, having its underlined name in column #1 and numbers in columns #2 and #3 representing corresponding property of an animal on a scale from 1 to 10. And finally the table should have another couple of rows with other animals in the same format, for comparing purposes. Conceptual example (your table should look way less ugly and prehaps use proper HTML tag):
        cuteness bloodthirstiness
    raccoon  8    7
    fox   9    5
  5. An unordered list with important traits of the animal;
  6. A minor heading (use another HTML heading tag) describing the following link;
  7. A link to a web-site of your choice.
Also, the page should be titled "[animal] hacking". By "titled" here it is meant that this name should be displayed on a browser tab with the page (Like Math 300 - Homework 2 is displayed for this exact page). The assignment must look good over the Internet in Mozilla Firefox. It must be named index.html in your web directory. Hint: Take care to look at your assignment after you post it, using the web address:

The assignment is due Friday, July 3rd, noon (there is no class that day).