MATH 300 - Homework 1

Math 300 - Homework 1 (back to Math 300 main page)

You have to create an executable shell script file named "", which, once executed, will do the following:
  1. print current working directory
  2. create a folder named "my_data" in current working directory
  3. create a subdirectory of above-mentioned "my_data" folder named "storage"
  4. move every file ending with ".html" from "some_data" subdirectory to newly created "storage" folder (it is assumed there exists "some_data" folder in current working directory)
  5. delete every other file from "some_data" folder
  6. delete "some_data" folder
  7. rename above-mentioned "storage" folder (a subdirectory of "my_data") to "htmls" without touching its location
After the script is created, upload it to your web folder on (/home/<account name>/public)

The assignment is due Monday, June 29th, noon.