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Freshman Thomas McCutcheon meets scholarship donor Doug Bell for the first time. Thomas received the 2017 Bell Freshman Mathematics Scholarship.

2017 Scholarship and Awards Ceremony

Thursday, April 27th, 2017, 3:30pm, Neill Hall 5W

Scholarships and awards are given each year to students with high academic achievement and are possible because of the generosity of our donors, which we deeply appreciate. We were honored to have three scholarship donors join us and meet their scholarship awardees during the ceremony this year; Doug and Michele Bell, Tom Eastep, and Chris and Geri Carlson. The history of each scholarship and its donor may be found on the department scholarships page.

Please read about our outstanding scholarship recipients for 2017, and click on any photo to see a larger image.

Gator Newell received an Ames Family Scholarship in Mathematics

Gator Newell is a WSU Distinguished Regents Scholar and a sophomore majoring in mathematics from Selah, Washington. He is a member of the Honors College and is a founding father of the WSU Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity, for which he is treasurer and scholarship director. He is a member of the WSU Actuarial Science Club and is studying for the FM actuarial exam that he'll be taking in June. Last summer he worked 60 to 70 hours a week performing various tasks for one fruit company while also driving tractor for another. Last fall he worked 10 hours a week while attending WSU and has been active in community service through his fraternity doing work for the Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, and helping with philanthropic events. He plans to graduate with a degree in mathematics and a minor in business, and would like to be employed in the actuarial field eventually becoming an actuary in the Portland or Seattle area.

Jennifer Gomez Ruiz received an Ames Family Scholarship in Mathematics

Currently a sophomore from Brewster, Washington, Jennifer was valedictorian of her high school graduating class and plans on becoming a mathematics teacher. She is currently taking Korean 102, participating in the Korean conversation table, and received the 2017 Department of Foreign Languages and Culture Outstanding First Year Student in Korean Award. She hopes to teach English in South Korea for a year after graduating from WSU before teaching high school mathematics. A constant question she has is, "What makes a good teacher and how can I learn to become one?" She is absorbing her WSU classes as she learns about different teaching styles, child development and learning, and how everything comes together in a classroom to help children learn. She is particularly inspired by classes that cause her to consider how she can learn about her future students cultures to obtain insight into their upbringing and how it can influence their thinking and learning.

Jarrick Wick received an Ames Family Scholarship in Mathematics

A senior from East Wenatchee, Washington, Jarrick is a WSU Distinguished Presidential Scholar and the recipient of a Henry Neusse, Lou & Ruth Allen, Paul & Marjorie Clement, and William & Mary Lynn Graber scholarship. He is the Women's Transit head program leader, in charge of volunteer training, shift scheduling, and shift supervision. Prior to becoming an employee of the program he volunteered and was named volunteer of the semester. During the academic year he works as a private math tutor and is an undergraduate teaching assistant for the department. Last semester he taught a section of Math 100, and during previous semesters he did a combination of paper grading, tutoring in the MLC, and assisted in teaching many sections of basic math courses. He volunteers at his church to lead youth groups when he is home on weekends or breaks. After he graduates he will continue his education to earn a masters degree in mathematics to become a high school math teacher in the central Washington area.

Thomas McCutcheon received a Bell Freshman Mathematics Scholarship Award

Thomas is a freshman from Sammamish, Washington who is majoring in mathematics and minoring in German. Outside of school, Tom enjoys swimming and fencing with the WSU Fencing Club. He plans to study abroad at the University of Bonn in Germany for the full 2017-2018 school year. He is undecided on whether he is going to look for a job or continue on to a master’s program after graduation, but is considering moving to Germany to get his master’s if he goes down that path.

Jakob Finney received a Paul and Marjorie Clement Memorial Mathematics Scholarship

Jakob Finney is a senior from Post Falls, Idaho who is majoring in mathematics and minoring in business administration. He is a National Merit Scholar and outside of class and studying, his main pursuit is athletics. He competes in cross country for WSU which requires most of his available time to complete all necessary training and other related activities. He is a PAC-12 all-academic first team member in cross country. Upon graduation he plans to pursue a career in actuarial science and a related field such as finance.

Sabrina Judson received a Tom and Tarry Eastep Scholarship

Sabrina is a senior who graduated as valedictorian of North Central High School in Spokane, Washington and is majoring in mathematics. Currently she is working under Bill Snyder of the WSU Entomology Department doing research to find existing correlations between collembola and predator-pest populations to determine if there are any factors that influence or predict predator diversity in local organic farms. She is involved in the Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship when time allows. After graduating she plans to attend the WSU School of Pharmacy in their Phd-PharmD combination program, wich will take 7 years to complete. She would also like to be involved in a pharmacy research position during that time. This summer she hopes to volunteer in a pharmacy. Her longtime goal is to find an enzyme capable of digesting gluten in the presence of stomach acid that is also PepX resistant (an enzyme found in the stomach), to continue the research she began at Whitworth University under Dr. Deanna Ojennus to help individuals with celiac disease.

Kyler Little received a Tom and Tarry Eastep Scholarship

Kyler is a sophomore from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho majoring in mathematics who would like to obtain a PhD in either mathematics or physics to ultimately work as a university professor in research. He is member of the WSU Cross Country and Track Team which averages over 20 hours of his time each week throughout the entire year. He has been a PAC Mentor, a WSU Cross Country team represenative in the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, is a member of the Physics Club, has participated in Coug Pals and Cougar Reading Buddies, has volunteered for WSU Athletic events, and is a math tutor in the MLC. Additionally, he assisted in three sections of Math 100 during the fall 2016 semester. He would like to become a professor to be able to visit other universities globally, collaborate on an international scale, teach, and work toward the creation of innovative technologies to directly improve the lives of others.

Ally Carrigan received a Tom and Tarry Eastep Scholarship

From Renton, Washington, Ally is a sophomore who plans to major in mathematics and minor in business. She is a Washington State University Regents Scholar and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. She currently works as a marketing assistant in WSU Administrative Services Marketing, which entails 10-12 hours a week. She does volunteer work each semester through the Center for Civic Engagement, attends Pullman's local middle school to help students with homework, and participates in the weekly Greek Adopt-a-Block program. She plans to pursue an actuarial sciences option and would like to work in an actuarial firm after graduation. She is currently studying to pass two actuary exams before graduation.

Benjamin Hellwig received a Marianne Hawley Fessler Endowment in Mathematics Award

Benjamin is a junior from Pocatello, Idaho majoring in mathematics. He is also in the Honors College. His interests include mathematical proofs and learning French.

Ryan Whitehead received a Marianne Hawley Fessler Endowment in Mathematics Award

Ryan is a National Merit Scholar who was recently inducted into the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society. He is a senior from Arlington, Washington with a 4.0 cumulative GPA. Majoring in both mathematics and mechanical engineering he recently participated in a Mathematical Modeling Contest, coordinated by math professor Lynn Schreyer, to develop a mathematical model to solve a real world problem. He is a member of the WSU Cougar Marching Band, and has volunteered with his high school chapter of the National Honor Society. He was the project manager for Renee Petersen's Mechanics of Materials class. Immediately after graduation he intends on pursuing a graduate degree in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in system dynamics. Five years after that, he would like to be employed in a lab or university doing research along similar lines.

Kyanna Byrd received a William and Mary Lynn Graber Mathematics Development Endowment Fund Award

Kyanna is a freshman from Tacoma, Washington and is majoring in mathematics. She enjoys being a member of the WSU Cougar Marching Band playing at games, parades, and festivals. On top of this, she is a part of Air Force ROTC at WSU. During the summers she works as a lifeguard while also teaching swimming lessons. She enjoys building and fixing her computer with her free time. She plans on interning at an Air Force base the summer after her field training. Five years after graduation she sees herself on her first Air Force assignment as a second lieutenant.

Eleanor Grace Jones received a William and Mary Lynn Graber Mathematics Development Endowment Fund Award

Eleanor (Grace) Jones is a junior from Seattle, Washington majoring in mathematics and minoring in economics. Last year she was vice president of the WSU Actuarial Science Club, and this semester she is treasurer. Fall semester of 2016 she tutored in the Math Learning Center and led a Math 100 class, and this semester she is grading for a statistics class. Last summer she worked approximagely 30 hours a week taking care of a baby and before that she had been a nanny for grade school children and worked at a veterinary clinic. This summer she will be working at The Standard as an intern in the actuarial department. She wants to be an actuary and after graduation she would like to work in the Pacific Northwest for a consulting or insurance company.

Paula Kimmerling received a William and Mary Lynn Graber Mathematics Development Endowment Fund Award

Paula is a WSU Regents Scholars and a senior from Mukilteo, Washington. She is majoring in mathematics and minoring in physics. Paula also tutors at the Math Learning Center and is taking some graduate courses this year. She stays busy as president of the WSU Taekwondo Club practicing with club members and working to help schedule club attendance at competitions and activities in the community. Last semester the club hosted a series of self-defense classes as a way of giving back to the community. During the summers she works as a lifeguard and swim instructor up to 35-40 hours a week. After she graduates she will continue her education with a PhD in Mathematics and would like to teach at the collegiate level.

James Whitbread received the Julie Kerr Scholarship in Mathematics

James is a WSU Regents Scholar of junior standing from Colville, Washington who has maintained a cumulative 4.0 grade point average while simultaneously majoring in mathematics and minoring in chemistry, sociology, biology as well as obtaining a certificate in molecular bioscienceschemistry. He is currently a WSU research assistant working on three separate research studies. He is vice president of a mental health awareness student organization called To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) and has been active in the mental health awareness field within the community. He has tutored at the Math Learning Center, been a department UTA, tutored math privately, and been an instructor for Math 103. He is a Holistic Wellness Facilitator for the WSU Health and Wellness Services, and plans on attending medical school in the fall of 2018.

Devon Holze received a Knebelman Outstanding Sophomore Award

Devon Holze is a sophomore majoring in mathematics and political science, and minoring in Spanish. Devon is from Drums, Pennsylvania and is a member of the WSU Honors College and Delta Delta Delta sorority. Devon is also a member of the 46th ASWSU Senate, serving as an Uncertified Senator, and will be on the 47th Senate as the College of Arts and Sciences Senator. She also serves as Vice President of the In It to End It Club. In her spare time, Devon enjoys spending time with her friends and exploring all of the opportunities that WSU has to offer. Devon plans to pursue her passions further by attending graduate school.

Annalise Miller received a Knebelman Outstanding Senior Award

Annalise is a senior pursuing a degree in both mathematics and entrepreneurship and has been selected as the 2017 Outstanding Senior in Mathematics and Statistics. She is a WSU Distinguished Regents Scholar who has received a Charles "Chuck" Millham Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics and a William and Mary Lynn Graber Development Endowment Fund Scholarship in Mathematics, as well as a Knebelman Memorial Graduating Senior Award in mathematics. As a former undergraduate teaching assistant for the department she also helped students with math in the Math Learning Center (MLC). Her 2015 business team took 2nd place in the WSU Global Case Competition and she is a member of the Harold Frank Entrepreneurship Engineering Institute.

She has formed a student venture that will be competing in the WSU Business Plan Competition and is currently incorporating it as an LLC, with a provisional patent filed for its product. She is also working on the Solar Decathlon competition as the systems lead, which is a student-led competition to design, build and market a home that produces as much energy as it uses (net-zero). After graduating from WSU she will work full time on the solar decathlon project until its completion and then plans to leave on a peace corp assignment.

Kayla Rhodes received the Charles "Chuck" Millham Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics

A senior from Federal Way, Washington, Kayla is majoring in mathematics and computer science, and is a member of the WSU Honors College. She has been accepted into the Boeing Scholars Program and will work on a team during the coming school year to complete a project for Boeing. She has been president and vice president of the WSU Math Club, has volunteered as an Honors College mentor, and has been an undergraduate teaching assistant (UTA) in the department since 2014. As a UTA, she has tutored students in the Math Learning Center (MLC), graded homework assignments, and worked at the MLC front desk. Last summer she interned at HP and this summer she is interning at CDK Global. She is a WSU Regents Scholar and after graduation she would like to be employed as a software engineer.

Emily Berreth received a Robert and Nancy Strong Scholarship in Mathematics

Emily is a junior at WSU, majoring in theoretical mathematics. She says her mathematics major has helped her be more competitive in the WSU ROTC program. In fact, she recently found that she will be going to pilot training for the US Air Force after she graduates and commissions from the program. After her time in the Air Force, Emily would like to teach mathematics at a high school or college level (though lower college courses). Currently, Emily is grading and tutoring for the Math Learning Center and she enjoys it immensely. Outside of school, Emily loves hiking, camping, and backpacking. The wilderness makes her feel alive. Additionally, Emily is involved in ROTC extra-curricular activities that involve volunteering, working, and planning cadet classes.

William Rianda received a Robert and Nancy Strong Scholarship in Mathematics

William is a Boeing Scholar from Bellingham, Washington majoring in mathematics in his sophomore year at WSU. He is very active in the WSU Army ROTC program and is currently in the Army Reserve Officer Training Core that is preparing him to commission as an officer in the US Army, after graduation. When he is home in the summer or during breaks he helps his dad maintain properties and repair house damage for properties in their town. Upon graduation he plans to serve the country as a United States Army Officer.

Chance Mair received the J. Russell and Mildred H. Vatnsdal Memorial Scholarship

Chance is a sophomore from Marysville, Washington who is majoring in mathematics and minoring in German. Chance is in his second year at WSU and is a member of the WSU Bowling Club, and helps teach bowling to the Pullman Youth League each Saturday morning. He also represents Pullman's Zeppoz Bowling Alley at tournaments throughout Washington. In addition, he is the current WSU Math Club treasurer and is a member of the WSU Tennis Club. Last August he volunteered during WSU Move-In Weekend to help new freshmen move into their dorm rooms. After he graduates he wants to attend graduate school and would like a job that will allow him to bowl part-time on the Professional Bowling Association Tour (PBA). He would also like to discover a new data analyzing method for tracking autism or autism related symptoms.

Vladyslav Oles received the Sidney G. Hacker Graduate Research Award

Vladyslav (Vlad) is a doctoral student in mathematics from Kyiv, Ukraine. Before coming to WSU, he obtained a master's degree in applied mathematics and worked in the IT industry for several years. He actively participated in the first WSU Data Science Day in 2016 and helped organize the 2017 Data Science Day, as well as the American Mathematical Society sectional meeting on the WSU Pullman campus. Vlad is inspired by mathematics and loves taking WSU mathematics courses. In addition to his love of mathematics and participation in several workshops he says, "I am extremely happy to have been accepted into an internship at Los Alamos National Lab for the 2017 summer." After graduation Vlad would like to be heavily involved in research in either industry or academia.

Jordan Miller received the Sidney G. Hacker Graduate Teaching Award

Jordan is a second year graduate student pursuing her PhD in mathematics from Boerne, Texas, a small quaint town located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. She received her undergraduate degree in mathematics and computer science from Abilene Christian University. She is currently doing research with Dr. Matthew Hudelson on two-dimensional recurrences and their generating functions. For the past year, she has been teaching a Calculus I lab and assisting the other Calculus I teaching assistants as a teaching assistant mentor. She is an active member of her church and enjoys baking and playing board games with friends when she's not working through math problems. One of her life goals is to challenge future generations with a curiosity and love for math, and to that end, her desire is to become a professor of mathematics upon the completion of her degree.

Jillian Morrison received the Nancy J. Robertson Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Mathematics

Jillian Morrison was born and raised in the beautiful Caribbean nation of Belize. She has always been involved in many activities in Belize including tutoring elementary school children, teaching at the YWCA, and other volunteer programs. She pursued her undergraduate degree in mathematics at the University of Belize where she was President of the Math Club and was awarded the university’s Certificate of Academic Excellence upon graduation. She is now a third-year PhD student in statistics working with Dr. Nairanjana Dasgupta focusing on modeling ordinal data. She is also involved in research aimed at finding out “Student’s Perceived Barriers to Higher Education in Belize”. So far, she has been involved in many activities, some of which include representing the College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Mathematics graduate and professional students as their college representative in the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA). She is also the Director of Grants and Scholarships for the GPSA and sits on the President’s LEAD Award committee that recognizes graduate and undergraduate students' excellence in leadership. She has represented graduate and professional students on the University Recreation Board where she advocated for fair fees, better recreational activities and better amenities. She has made presentations for VIBES, WSU’s Engage the World Program, and the Cougar Quest Workshop. She is the happiest when she makes people happy, especially her students. Her ultimate goal is to make this world a better place to live.

Aishajiang Aizezikali received the CISER Alumni Award for best MS statistics project

Aishajiang Aizezikali is a PhD candidate in operations management at Carson College of Business. His current research focuses on hotel revenue management, and said his masters degree in statistics helped him to improve his research in business. He is a big sports fan, and spends most of his home time watching Sports Center. He loves reading Japanese manga, watching Japanese anime, and “One Piece” is his favorite. He plans to go into academia after he graduates from his PhD program, which he expects in May, 2018.