How to switch Canopy to Python 2.7 (back to Math 300 main page)

I've tried this on Windows. On Mac things may work differently, so let me know if you need help.

  1. Start "Canopy".
  2. Go to Edit -> Preferences main menu item from the main screen.
  3. In the "Preferences" window select "Python" tab and scroll to the very bottom.
  4. Click "Create New Environment" button.
  5. Enter some name for the new environment (e.g. "standard27") and click "Selected EDM Bundle File".
  6. Select a "standard" file for your platform (32 or 64) and click "Open".
  7. You will need to wait while files are downloaded and installed (took 5-10 mins for me).
  8. When installation is complete you will see the "Python" tab of the "Preferences" window again. In "EDM Environment to use:" dropdown list select your newly created environemnt and cick "Ok".
  9. You are done now. Just restart the Canopy so the chnages will be applied.
  10. To see what version you are currently using from intercative shell try this.