Math 300 - Practice Midterm Exam

You need to create a HTML file (named "midterm.html") along with a CSS file (named "midterm.css"), they should be linked properly, so formatting specified in the latter will be applied to the former.

You also need to create a LaTeX file (named "limits.tex") containing some mathematical typesetting as described in 12. The file should be then complied to PDF format (named "limits.pdf"). Both files should be referenced in the HTML document.

HTML file should contain (in exactly the same order):

  1. A title having your full name in it (hint: this one does not contribute to the actual content of the page);
  2. Minor heading named "Shell";
  3. An ordered list with the following:

    • A terminal command which will list file permissions of file "mermaid.jpg";
    • A terminal command which will move a file named "" which is located in a root folder to your current folder;
    • A terminal command which will add permission to execute for the owner to file "";
    • A terminal command which will execute file "".

    All the files mentioned are assumed to be located in the hypothetical current directory unless stated otherwise. Each of these four tasks has to be accomplished by exactly one command;
  4. Minor heading named "HTML & CSS";
  5. A 2 x 7 table, which should look like this:

    How I liked M300 topics Shell HTML CSS MathML SVG LaTeX

    Numbers are irrelevant and are intended to represent scores on the scale from 1 to 10. All the scores should be centered and written in bold, but this has be done strictly via CSS (no bolding in HTML file itself);
  6. An answer to the following question:

    Some CSS file looks exactly like this:
    p { color: red; }
    .desc { color: green; }
    #intro { color: yellow; }
    p { color: blue; }

    What color will have the following paragraph in HTML page linked to the above-mentioned CSS file?
    <p class="desc" id="intro">a text of unknown color</p>

  7. Minor heading named "Non-decimal numbers";
  8. An answer to the following question:
    In numeral system with what base number 101 will be equal to decimal 65?
    In other words, 101b=6510 is given, you need to find b.
  9. Minor heading named "SVG";
  10. The following image rendered with SVG (size of the region for the image should be 250x250 pixels):
    r = 100
  11. Minor heading named "LaTeX";
  12. Links to the LaTeX file and corresponding complied PDF document which duplicate the following mathematical typesetting:

CSS file should contain:

  1. Some formatting for having numbers in "How I liked M300 topics" table bold and centered (already mentioned in requirements for HTML file part, p. 5, where you have to create a table);
  2. A formatting for any element of class "markup", which will provide italic font and red color to them. You have to explicitely state the color has 0 green and 0 blue components in it, so you probably want to use hexadecimal or regular RGB representation.

You have 75 minutes (the entire class duration) to accomplish the task. Once you're done, upload all of the files to the following folder /pub/odykhovychnyi/exam/<your_usernams> on server.