COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Jakob Streipel

I am a doctoral student studying analytic number theory, in particular modular forms in various guises, under Sheng-Chi Liu.

I am presently concerning myself with Hecke eigenform relations for Hilbert modular forms (together with Matthew Jobrack) and moments of \( GL(3) \) \( L \)-functions.


I regularly speak in various seminars. This includes past talks on:

  • Cauchy's Functional Equation, Fall 2019;
  • Ultrametrics and \( p \)-adics, Spring 2019;
  • The Congruent Number Problem, Spring 2019;
  • Products of Eistenstein series, Fall 2018;
  • Filters, Ultrafilters, and Tychonoff's Theorem, Fall 2018;
  • Discrete Dynamical Systems (over \( \mathbb{R} \)), Spring 2018;
  • Über die Gleichverteilung von Zahlen mod. Eins (on the equidistribution of numbers modulo one), Spring 2018;
  • Discrete Dynamical Systems over Finite Fields (particularly about counting periodic points), Spring 2018;
  • Surreal Numbers, Fall 2017.

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics, from Washington State University, in progress;
  • Master of Science in Mathematics, from Linnæus University in 2017;
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, from Linnæus University in 2015.

Qualifying exam problems

I sometimes run review sessions in linear algebra and real analysis for the doctoral programme's qualifying exam. In doing so I have accumulated and curated sets of practice problems, found below: