Department of Mathematics at Washington State University
Math 220, Section 3, Summer 2017

I encourage all of you to buy and read the "Excellent Sheep".
"Book People of Moscow" has it. It is just $16.

The following quote might give you an idea what it is all about:
colleges are producing a large number of very smart, completely confused graduates. Kids who have ample mental horsepower, an incredible work ethic and no idea what to do next. So the finance industry takes advantage of that confusion, attracting students who never intended to work in finance but don’t have any better ideas about where to go...If love of money tends to win out that's largley because so many kids leave college without a sense of inner purpose ...

The idea that we should take the first four years of young adulthood and devote them to career preparation alone, neglecting every other part of life, is nothing short of an obscenity. If that is what people had you do, then you were robbed.

Anonymous: The cheapest form of research is to ask someone who knows.

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