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Math 220

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Final Exam Schedule
Academic Calendar

Online Homework Assignments:
(to be done in MyMathLab; all due by 11:59 pm)
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Written Homework Assignments:
(Due in Class on assigned due date.)

  • EXTRA CREDIT: Extra credit is now being offered for the class. You have 3 options: You may complete an extra credit homework assignment, take an oral/board exam covering a topic of my choice based on material you missed on Exam 1, or take an oral/board exam covering a topic of my choice based on material you missed on Exam 2. The oral exams are worth 10% of your exam grade corresponding to 2% of your overall grade. The homework will be worth the equivalent amount of your grade but in terms of homework %. If you choose to take an oral/board exam you MUST MUST MUST sign up to take the exam in one of the available time slots. Tentatively starting next week Sessions will be held TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS in the MLC from 8-9am and 9-10am in groups of 10 people for each hour. We will do this for the next 3 weeks with the last session on Thursday November 2nd. The format will be 10min to do a question and 10min of oral examination. There is no make-up for the oral exam. If your schedule does not permit you to make it any of those times please talk to me after class. If you did not sign up for a session in class, please email me and I will except reservations at a first come first serve basis. Should you email me a reservation request, I will send you a confirmation email to confirm that a seat is available for you.
  • The incentive point project is now posted below. Remember you are free to do any of the parts independently but if you do a part you have to do all of that part of the project. Partial work towards a part of the project will not be excepted (i.e. I'm not giving points for scratch work lol, so don't ask). Combined it is worth 60 incentive points which will be in addition to any weekly points you get (i.e. it is possible to get 70 points the week you turn in the project). You can always ask me for help on the project or anyone else for that matter.
  • Per the syllabus, as posted on the website next to each assignment, and as emphatically stated in class: Late homework as a rule is not excepted. Written homework is due in class. Thus if you turn your homework in after class it is considered late and will receive a 0 grade.
  • Remember you can earn up to 10 incentive points a week.

edge graphic

Artist: Cameron Grey
Study Material
Incentive Assignments:
  1. Complete the proof of Theorem 2 as shown in class (not the thm in the book) (2pts)
  2. Find me in my Main office hours (2pts), in my legacy hours (4pts), or in a scheduled appointment (2pts)
  3. Complete any of the proofs for the properties of matrix operations shown in class (2 pts each)
  4. Complete any of the equivalency proofs shown in class and in the book (Thm 4 in sect 1.4) (2pts each)
  5. Incentive Project 1
Supplementary Material: