Math 220

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Academic Calendar

Online Homework Assignments:
(to be done in MyMathLab; all due by 11:59 pm)
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Written Homework Assignments
(Due in Class on assigned due date.)

  • Final Grades are now posted.
  • Average on the final was really high for the class. Congratulations.
  • Email me if you have questions.
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Study Material
Incentive Assignments:
  1. Complete the proof of Theorem 2 as shown in class (not the thm in the book) (2pts)
  2. Find me in my Main office hours (2pts), in my legacy hours (4pts), or in a scheduled appointment (2pts)
  3. Complete any of the proofs for the properties of matrix operations shown in class (2 pts each)
  4. Complete any of the equivalency proofs shown in class and in the book (Thm 4 in sect 1.4) (2pts each)
  5. Incentive Project 1
  6. Peer Review 1
  7. Peer Review 2
    1. PR2Sol
  8. Peer Review 3
    1. PR3Sol
Supplementary Material: