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Patrick Torres and Benjamin Rapone, graduate students who received 2016 awards, and Dr. Michael Tsatsomeros.


The wonderful generosity of donors and former students has made it possible for the Department of Mathematics to offer scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students.

2016 Scholarship and Award Recipients

Available Scholarships

To see a list of available scholarships for certified math majors please click here.

If you have not yet certified in mathematics, please complete this form to apply for certification.

Application Forms

  • If you are an undergraduate student
    Undergraduate students may apply for a research scholarship using the Research Scholarship Application Form for Undergraduates.
    When is this form due? You must submit this form at least two weeks before the beginning of the semester or summer session proposed for a project.

  • If you are a graduate student
    Graduate students may apply for awards using the
    Graduate Awards Application Form
    When is this form due? You must submit this form no later than February 15 to be eligible for an award the following academic year.

Former Scholarship Recipients

For information about past scholarship recipients please >> click here

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