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Sergey Lapin - Honors Thesis Advisor Award
Sergey Lapin has received a Thesis Advisor Award from the WSU Honors College for his outstanding work with Honors College students.

Faculty Promotions- 2016

Four faculty members have received promotions. Read more.

Welcome New Faculty - 2016

Lynn Schreyer, Associate Professor
The department is pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Lynn Schreyer. Lynn came to us in January from the University of Colorado Denver Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences and is delighted to become a Cougar! She has a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering, an MS and PhD in Math, and did a post doc in Agronomy. Consistent with her education, her research is interdisciplinary - in fact since arriving, WSU has provided the environment for her to pick up work on 3 new projects: modeling gels, concrete, and clays. Her primary research passion is modeling porous materials (think of a solid with pores), and especially porous materials that swell (e.g. gels, concrete, and clays). She uses continuum mechanics and upscaling techniques to formulate the system of partial differential equations, analyzes the system, and then numerically solves it to learn more about the physics. WSU was also kind enough to hire her husband so that they can now live in the same state. Don't be surprised to find her as a spectator at local WSU track events since she used to run track and continues to love the sport.
Sotiris Xantheas, Adjunct Faculty
Sotiris Xantheas has been appointed as a new adjunct faculty member. He was born and raised in Athens, Greece, and obtained a Diploma in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Athens and a PhD in Chemistry from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. After a two year post-doctoral fellowship at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) he became a staff member and is now a Laboratory Fellow. His research is concerned with the mathematical modeling of the interaction between atoms, molecules and ions using quantum mechanical principles. He is particularly interested in the properties of hydrogen bonds, the interactions responsible for holding together water molecules in clusters, liquid water and ice. He uses supercomputers to evaluate properties of these model systems to ultimately understand the macroscopic properties of water and aqueous solutions. Outside of work, Sotiris enjoys playing soccer, volleyball and tennis. He is looking forward to work with WSU students and faculty on joint projects.
Jingyang Zhang, Adjunct Faculty
Jingyang Zhang has been appointed as a new adjunct faculty member. Born and raised in China, Jingyang obtained her BS in applied mathematics from Peking University, China. She then obtained a PhD in biostatistics at the University of Iowa, and moved to Seattle in 2012 for post-doc training at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center where she currently holds a position as a faculty biostatistician. Her research focuses on statistical modeling with various types of applications in medical research, especially the HIV prevention clinical trials. She works closely with epidemiologists and clinicians on large scale clinical trials. Outside of work, Jingyang enjoys her athletic lifestyle very much. She is an avid runner and an enthusiastic outdoor explorer. As an adjunct faculty member, she eagerly looks forward to working with WSU students.
Nick Maggio, Adjunct Faculty
Nick Maggio has been appointed as a new adjunct faculty member. Raised in Spokane, Washington, Nick obtained his BSE in biomedical engineering and a PhD in mathematics from Tulane University. Nick then served as a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Applied and Computational Math and Statistics at the University of Notre Dame. He then returned to Tulane as a computational scientist specializing in High Performance Computing (HPC) and is now the HPC Consultant for the Office of Research at WSU. Nick's research focuses on the intersection of mathematical biology, computational fluid dynamics, and scientific computing. As an adjunct faculty member, Nick is looking forward to taking part in the intellectual life at WSU.

Sergey Lapin appointed as an Honors Faculty Fellow
Sergey Lapin has been appointed as an Honors Faculty Fellow for a three-year period beginning March 2016. This appointment recognizes his prior and current contributions to the Honors College and to Honors education. He will be recognized during the Celebrating Excellence Recognition Banquet, as part of the Academic Showcase activities.

Dr. Nairanjana Dasgupta Provost's Featured Faculty Member

Mathematics and Statistics professor Nairanjana Dasgupta was honored as the Provosts' Featured Faculty Member during the November 7, 2015 football game against Arizona State at Martin Stadium. Read more

Assistant Professor Elissa Schwartz and Clinical Associate Professor Sergey Lapin Analyze the Numbers - Determine Best Way to Control H1N1 Influenza Virus
When the first cases of the H1N1 influenza virus hit WSU in 2009, assistant professor Elissa Schwartz was teaching her students about the behavior of epidemics in a closed population. Using real live data, they simulated transmission of the influenza virus to analyze its infection rate thereby determining the best way to contain it. The first author on this study was Lydia Miller (MS Math 2013), and co-authors are Clinical Associate Professor Sergey Lapin, Mindy Morgan (MS Math 2013), and School of Biological Sciences grad student, Therese Jones. Elissa presented the findings at the Society for Mathematical Biology annual meeting in Osaka, Japan, in July 2014.
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