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Sergey Lapin receives AIM Award

Sergey Lapin has received an AIM Award for an AIM SQuaRE Workshop on "Ocular Blood Flow and Its Role in Development of Glaucoma." The workshop will be held in Palo Alto, CA on March 17-21, 2014. To read more about the award please click here.

Department Chair Hired

Charles Moore has accepted the position of Department Chair, and will begin on August 16, 2013. Dr. Moore was previously the Associate Chair of the Department of Mathematics at Kansas State University.

New Academic Coordinator

Christy Jacobs, former WSU Department of Mathematics instructor, has been hired as the department's new Academic Coordinator, effective May 16, 2013.

New Hires Effective August 16, 2013

  • Hongbo Dong has accepted a tenure-track assistant professor position in the area of optimization.
  • Xueying Wang (Snow) has accepted a tenure-track assistant professor position in the area of computational mathematics.
  • Sheng-Chi Liu has accepted a tenure-track assistant professor position in the area of number theory.

Math Department Award Recipients from the College of Arts and Sciences - 2013

On April 23, 2013, the College of Arts and Sciences held its annual Appreciation and Recognition Social to recognize the efforts and achievements of faculty and staff for 2012-2013. The Department of Mathematics had four people who were recognized for their outstanding contributions. Congratulations to the following individuals:

  • Judi McDonald, Professor, received the "Thomas E. Lutz Teaching Excellence Award."
  • Jeanette Martin, Senior Instructor, received the "Excellence in Teaching by an Instructor Award."
  • Kris Johnson, who provides Undergraduate Program Support, received the "Civil Service Staff Excellence Award."
  • Jared Aurentz, graduate student, received the "Graduate Student Achievement Award" in the sciences category.

Professional Leave Granted for 2013 - 2014

  • Alan Genz (August 16 - December 31, 2013). Dr. Genz will visit the Computer Science Department at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium to continue work on collaborative research projects on theoretical, algorithmic and software aspects of numerical multiple integration.
  • Alex Khapalov (August 16 - December 31, 2013). Dr. Khapalove will work on collaborative research in the mathematical nonlinear multiplicative control theory for partial differential equations with applications to the models of climatology and to the swimming models aimed at understanding the mechanics of self-propulsion in fluids at the University of Rome II and Instituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica, Rome, Italy, and at the University of Cantabria, Spain .
  • David Slavit (August 16, 2013 - May 15, 2014). Dr. Slavit will investigate student-learning outcomes at three different secondary schools that integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics throughout the curriculum. The study will specifically attend to the students' development of ways of thinking, perserverance, and understanding of the relevance of schooling to future goals.
  • Hong-Ming Yin (January 1 - May 15, 2014). Dr. Yin will study several problems in applied mathematics. The first topic will be linear and nonlinear problems in electromagnetic fields and the second topic is various problems in financial engineering. The leave will be carried out at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
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