No Wasted Votes

Sometimes in our presidential elections, in addition to the usual Democratic and Republican candidates, there is a strong third party candidate. Let's call the candidates Davis, Roberts and Thompson respectively. You might like Thompson the best, but people will tell you, "Don't waste your vote on Thompson; he can't really win. Vote for either Davis or Roberts, whichever you prefer."  With approval voting you can vote for Thompson and one of the others too. You don't have the problem of whether your vote will be "wasted." Who knows, Thompson might even win.Joe DiMaggio

Approval voting is also good in situations where more than one winner is allowed. This occurs, for example, in electing players to the Baseball Hall of Fame. To be elected, an eligible player has to be named on 75% of the ballots. The voters are members of the Baseball Writers' Association of America. They add one extra requirement, that no one can vote for more than 10 players.

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