Lesson: Lake Front Property Land Division

You get to share a valuable piece of land, located between a lake and a road, with some other people. As you play this game, it might be helpful to imagine that possibly the west side of the property has the best beach for swimming, the east side has the best place for a boat dock, and the best site for building a cabin is in the middle. So determining the value of a piece of land is not merely calculating an area or measuring the length of the waterfront.

For simplicity, the land will be divided by cuts made to the road. Each person will be given a color--your color is green. To make your cut you will position your cursor over the land and then click and drag to define and move your cut line.

Your computer will play the part of the other people who make their cuts with different colors. To help understand how to handle this problem, begin by playing the two person game several times before moving on to the three person game.

Abstract Two Person Game