The Procedure

Given a prime 0 row, P0:
  1. Determine the pitch class assignments by writing out the chromatic scale beginning on the first note of the original row (P0).

  2. Translate the P0 row from pitch class names to pitch class numbers.

  3. Enter the P0 row as numbers into the top row of the matrix.

  4. Enter the pitch class numbers of the inversion of P0 (that is, I0) down the first column of the matrix; compute these numbers by finding the complements of 12 of the pitch class numbers of P0.

  5. Transpose the P0 row on the matrix eleven times to fill out the remainder of the matrix. Begin by taking the second entry in the first column (the second number of I0 as you read down the column). Add that number to entry numbers 2 through 12 of row 1 and enter the results in row 2 entry numbers 2 through 12; remember that we are using a modular 12 system. Repeat this procedure to complete all the rows.

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