The Inheritance Scenario

CJ Buck,   passed away three days ago. CJ Buck had made a fortune writing adventure-fantasy novels loved by millions the world over. CJ left an inheritance to you, me, and MT Roll.

CJ left us a Maui home (assessed value $475,000), a Fiji island (assessed value $750,000), and a yacht (assessed value $325,000).

But there's a catch. That we actually receive this inheritance is contingent upon our dividing up the inheritance items in such a way that:

  1. We each get at least what we believe is a third of the inheritance;

  2. We cannot sell the Maui home, Fiji island, or the yacht, and divide up the sale profits in an attempt to satisfy the first condition.

Should we be unable to meet these conditions, the executor has been instructed to give all the assets to the Charles Manson defense fund. Nobody wants to see that happen.

Is it possible for us to divide the given assets as specified? How can we do it? Is there any division that is the best?

I know a method to find a fair division of the assets, so let's look at that first...

All characters and events found in these pages are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, or to events is purely coincidental.

Try to divide.