I'm the magical imp of imps answering to the moniker MT Roll. Bluey told you how we met CJ Buck, so I'm going to tell you the story of how we made a fortune writing books with CJ.

The first story we all wrote was an historical adventure called Cactus Jack and the Lost Incan Treasure. Bluey and I had run into a colorful character named Cactus Jack back in the mid 1800's while he was on expedition in search of the reputed treasure of the Incan empire. Of course, Cactus Jack never found that treasure. Anyway, that first Cactus Jack novel was well received and led to a series of 13 Cactus Jack novels. Perhaps you've seen the 3 that were made into movies.....

On one of our travels in the future, Bluey and I had the distinct pleasure of knowing Janey Train, the captain of the Starship Explorer. Her mission was to find new trade routes and undiscovered civilizations throughout the cosmos. CJ ended up writing 17 Janey Train novels, the most famous one being Janey Train Through The Casiopian Wormhole, which was a hugely sucsessful movie winning 6 Oscars. Four other Janey Train books were also made into movies.

The series of novels that hit closest to heart for the human race chronicled the connection between cattle mutilations and mad cow disease. You see, Bluey and I knew that mad cow disease would cause a drop of forty percent in the human population, making it the worst disease ever known to people--worse even than the plague. We also knew that the way the human race actually survived was by traveling back in time, to the years before mad cow disease actually took hold, and taking samples of both healthy and diseased cows back to the future where a serum and inoculation would be created. People in those pre-mad cow years interpreted the sampling as cattle mutilations. This 21 book series, known as The End, did wonderfully well at the booksellers and a series of movies is in the works even now as you read this.

We made around 50 million dollars profit on all the books and movie rights.

Our profit, after taxes, was somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 million dollars.